Hello, I'm making some small DIY vibrating light chasing robots Lately structured with only PCB materials, any idea where I can find info or calculate the best shape for the feet to increase a movement forward. way to cut the shape, balance the gravity, the motors are phone vibrators. Thank you :')

Hello, I'm making some small DIY vibrating light chasing robots Lately structured with only PCB materials, any idea where I can find info or calculate the best shape for the feet to increase a movement forward. way to cut the shape, balance the gravity, the motors are phone vibrators. Thank you :') submitted by -GeeekClub- to MechanicalEngineering [link] [comments]

Best way to fix/replace this? This is the negative battery terminal for the rob the robot gyro spinner motor. It was covered in battery acid and was broken in half like this when I got it.

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Best battery to power 2x 12V DC motors in a mobile robot?

Hi, I am building a "tank" type robot, which will use a 56 RPM motor to power each track. I am wondering what battery to use on the cheap to power these motors. Here is the link to the motor itself: https://www.servocity.com/56-rpm-econ-gear-motor. The robot is about a foot long and maybe 9 inches wide, so I can't have a huge car battery on it. Someone suggested I use a bunch of 18650 batteries in parallel, but those are not 12V, which is the nominal voltage of the motors. If you have other questions I will be happy to answer them. If you want to see a picture of the robot to get a better idea of the use-case, I can probably send that too.
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Robotics build: What's the best way to get an up and down motion with a motor?

I want a repeating up and down motion for robot arm, similar to how a steam trains wheels work.
What's the best way to get this motion with a motor? I need a travel distance of about 10 inches.
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[Q] I’m using linear actuators on one of my walking robot projects and would like to know which design of linear actuator works best, just a motor attached to a bolt or a belt driven bolt from the side. I am asking this because industrial linear actuators are belt driven and I don’t understand why.

[Q] I’m using linear actuators on one of my walking robot projects and would like to know which design of linear actuator works best, just a motor attached to a bolt or a belt driven bolt from the side. I am asking this because industrial linear actuators are belt driven and I don’t understand why. submitted by yourguy66 to robotics [link] [comments]

[Q] I’m using linear actuators on one of my walking robot projects and would like to know which design of linear actuator works best, just a motor attached to a bolt or a belt driven bolt from the side. I am asking this because industrial linear actuators are belt driven and I don’t understand why.

[Q] I’m using linear actuators on one of my walking robot projects and would like to know which design of linear actuator works best, just a motor attached to a bolt or a belt driven bolt from the side. I am asking this because industrial linear actuators are belt driven and I don’t understand why. submitted by Mauri13-05_78 to u/Mauri13-05_78 [link] [comments]

What's the best language to program a robotic arm and does anyone know of a place that sells materials like gears and motors

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L298N DIY 2WD Ultrasonic Smart Tracking Motor Robot Car Kit for Arduino Gearbest Coupon Promo Code - Coupons, Deals, Reviews, Specs, Best Lists

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First Contact - Chapter 333

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The ship was an older model. Two wings that could separate into four, four sublight engines with hyperspace capability, four heavy lasers, and missile launchers. A one man aerospace fighter, capable of atmospheric or space dogfighting, the astrogation handled by a robotic unit that was locked into the frame behind the pilot.
It was an older model, but recently made. Despite the 'aging' on the frame, anyone who knew their LARP gear could tell it had been printed to look old.
The ship streaked into existence in the system, immediately broadcasting a non-PVP flag before even the ship's manifest and IFF beacon. It was flanked immediately by the hex-wing fighters, who escorted it to the planet it was looking for.
The pilots of the small attack craft reminded the pilot of the newer craft that this was not a LARP system. That any deviation wouldn't be weighed and measured against rules, but would be met with lethal force.
The pilot of the hyperspace capable fighter was slightly surly as he acknowledged the hexagonal side-mount ships.
The ship had to wait nearly two hours for landing permission, impatiently reminding the aerospace traffic controllers exactly who he was.
Finally the coordinates were given and the ship made its landing.
Anyone who was experienced with the small craft would have flinched at the fact the ship left a sooty trail of burnt ablative armor and ionized atmosphere as the deflector shields had to bear the brunt of reentry.
The pilot was obviously not highly skilled.
The ship set down in the parking lot of a large building, crushing several cars as it did so. It lifted off, moved, landed on several more, smashing them, then lifted off, wobbling, to finally setting in the clear area in front of the steps that led down from the large building.
The canopy lifted and a ladder folded down from the side. The pilot got out, wearing a flight suit, and took off his helmet, revealing a sweaty face and a mop of brown hair. He dropped the helmet and got out, climbing down the ladder.
The robot, secretly feeling a bit huffy about drawing an idiot, folded up the ladder and closed the canopy, then shut off the engines.
The pilot tapped his wrist-comp a few times and the pilot's suit reconfigured into a pair of light pants, a light white shirt, and comfortable boots. A plasma caster pistol rode at his hip as he headed toward the building.
The doors opened, white armored figures trotting out carrying rifle. Smoke poured out the double doors and martial music started playing from hidden speakers.
The newcomer stopped, waiting, tapping his foot impatiently, until a black armored figure nearly eight feet tall strode out of the smoke, his cape billowing.
The newcomer rolled his eyes, then stood, waiting, motioning impatiently at the figure in black to hurry up from the slow steady stride he was doing.
The figure in black refused to hurry, his breathing coming in mechanical wheezes, stopping only a dozen paces from the newcomer.
"You look stupid, Vic," the newcomer said.
"Don't call me that," the black armored figure wheezed. "I am Darth Harmonus."
"You're outside the LARP systems, Vic," the newcomer said.
"What do you want, Jon?" Darth Harmonus asked. "Speak quickly and leave."
"You need to stop this. You've been killing living people, sentient beings," Jon said, putting his hands on his hips. "This isn't a game. These are real people who don't have the advantage of the SUDS system to save them."
"Like you did?" Harmonus said. "What if I don't stop? Who's going to stop me? You?"
"If I have to," Jon said. "Melody would..."
"YOU DON'T SAY HER NAME!" Darth Harmonus roared out, feedback squealing. He clenched his armored fists and lightning, red and purple, climbed up and down his forearms. "YOU DON'T EVER SAY HER NAME AGAIN!"
"She was my wife, Vic, I'll say her name..." Jon said.
"Who you let die, Jon," the black armored figure snarled. "Get in your ship and leave. You're not welcome here."
"Or what, Vic? You'll order your men to kill me like they've killed all those innocent people? Violence is never the answer," Jon snapped back. He wasn't worried about violence from the black armored figure. He'd gotten the best reflexes and muscle memory when he'd resheathed after his world was liberated. His brain was full of the necessary memories and strategies to win any fight his brother-in-law wanted to engage in.
"Leave, Jon, before I remember that you are alive while she is dead," the armored figure said. "You have three hours to leave the system, after that, you'll be declared a criminal."
"That's against the rules," Jon said.
"As you said, this isn't the LARP worlds. Get out," the armored figure began to turn away.
"Don't you turn your back on me, Victor," Jon snapped, his temper fraying slightly.
"Or what, Jon? Violence is never the answer," the black armored figure threw Jon's words back in his face.
"I've come to put a stop to this madness of yours, one way or another," Jon said.
Darth Harmonus slowly turned to face his brother-in-law. "Come, then, and learn the true power of the Dark Side."
Jon's hand dropped to the pistol, pulling it out in a sloppy fast-draw, his reflexes slightly off from not having been practiced. The pistol came up, the reticle matched where the barrel was pointed and it blinked when it lined up. He grinned and he fired three times as a dozen small orbs with blinking lights on them flew out from behind his back.
Darth Harmonus blocked all three shots with an open palm, his arm out at full extension. The bolts screamed off to the side, hitting vehicles, blowing apart plasteel bodywork.
With a twitch of his hand Jon's pistol flew into Darth Harmonus's hand.
"You should have never come here, Jon," Darth Harmonus wheezed.
Jon was surprised and more than a little irritated. His drones should have detected whichever drone or armor implanted equipment had used the tractopressor beam to pull his pistol out of his hand. Instead, they reported nothing. He tapped a piece of cyberware in his head, still grinning as new reflexes loaded up to replace the old ones.
If Victor wanted to play this, then fine, Jon would too.
Darth Harmonus watched, knowing full well that the news-drones had picked up everything from the moment Jon had landed his ship and smashed the vehicles of two hard working government bureaucrats.
Jon's clothing fuzzed then resolidified as robes as Jon drew a cylinder out and ignited it with a simple push of the thumb trigger. A length of green energy held in place by magnetic forces slid from the handle with an audible whoosh, humming as Jon smiled.
"I told you, I'm here to put a stop to your murderous rampage," Jon smiled.
"You should have never come here," Darth Harmonus said, his own weapon flying from his belt to his hand. The blade that ignited was solid red. "My rage, my wrath, is not yet spent."
Jon held back a frown. His cybernetic eye systems didn't detect any deflector shields, no personal battlescreens, not even any kinetic screens.
Just Victor standing there in black armor.
"Surrender, Vic, for Melody if nothing..." Jon started.
"DO NOT SAY HER NAME!" Darth Harmonus roared out. He held out one hand at one of the ruined cars, clenching his fist and making a jerking motion.
Jon started to smirk, seeing he'd enraged Victor to the point the younger man had forgotten to deploy his drones, which meant there was no tractopressor beams to...
The wreckage of the car hit Jon from the side, crumpling against Jon's shields, thrown the unarmored man ten feet across the parking lot. Jon's implanted reflexes kicked in, letting him roll with the impact, coming up on his feet without cutting his own arms off. His kinetic shields were down by 15% just from the impact of the car.
Jon snarled and brought up the reflex and motor skills package embedded in his cyberware.
If that's how you want it, Vic, he thought to himself. He brought his weapon up into guard position.
The black armored figure strode forward, making jerking motions with his hands.
Jon's wired reflexes saved his life as rubble and debris whipped through the air. What he missed with his force blade bounced off his shields, which were rapidly dropping.
Jon deployed a dozen more spheres from the cargo hatch on his light fighter, grinning.
It isn't the LARP worlds, Vic. I can bring as many as I want, he thought to himself, waiting for Vic to start complaining that Jon was using too many drones.
Instead, the black armored figure leveled his fist and lightning gathered around his forearm, snarling and sparking. It leapt from his fist to the drones, half of them exploding in a shower of sparks and debris. Three of them fell to the ground, carbonized and shorted out, and the last three dropped into place behind Jon, one smoking and whining as its grav-system tried to keep it in place.
"This is the real world, Jon," Darth Harmonus wheezed, walking forward, trailing his blade on the asphalt, creating a wobbling smoking line in the black rock. "You're so quick to try to stop me, but where were you?"
Jon was trying to figure out how his brother-in-law had thrown lightning. No orbs, no power surge in his armor. Just... lightning.
He barely got his sword in play, wired reflexes kicking in, managing to block the humming and glowing red blade in shower of sparks.
"Where were you?" Darth Harmonus growled out.
"I was right there," Jon snapped, pushing back as sparks showered around them.
Darth Harmonus was too strong. Jon knew it was obviously the armor enhancing Victor's strength. He jumped back and pushed his free hand out, hand back, palm forward. Two of the orbs aimed tractor beams at the black armored figure and screamed in effort as they pushed against Darth Harmonus.
The black armored figure slid back less than five feet, bracing himself. Lightning snarled around his feet and crackled on his calves.
Darth Harmonus slowly straightened up, extending his forceblade out at a 45 degree angle, letting it crackle and hum.
BREAKING NEWS: TERRORIST ATTEMPTS ASSASSINATION OF DARTH HARMONUS scrolled by on the bottom of billions of Tri-Vees, watching by billions of Imperial citizens.
"Your powers are weak," Darth Harmonus sneered. "You lack conviction."
Darth Harmonus pushed out with his hand and Jon flew back, slamming into an intact car, the side of the car caving in.
Alarms were wailing in Jon's head as he shook his head. He wasn't getting any warning, no drone powering up, no armor system coming online. His kinetic shields were already fading. Two of his drones were out of power.
"Where were you when they forced Melody against the wall, forced your children against the wall, and shot them while they laughed and recorded it for everyone to watch on the Tri-Vee?" Darth Harmonus snarled, walking toward, his cape swirling around him.
Billions of being nodded. They could believe it.
They had seen things like that happen before the Empire came.
"I was there," Jon said, climbing out of the wreckage, shaking his head. "Watching from the crowd."
"Then why didn't you do anything?" Darth Harmonus asked.
"They would have killed me too!" Jon said.
Jon barely got his force blade around in time to slice the empty car in two as it whipped at him from the side. It felt like a furnace was blasting him with heat from where Victor was walking forward. A pounding heat full of rage and agony.
"You weren't there, you don't understand," Jon gasped, barely deflecting another two cars and a statue of a Lanaktallan. He was down to two drones, the others out of power, and he'd pulled a muscle in his shoulder getting the force blade into position.
"I understand you let them kill Melody and the children," Darth Harmonus snarled. "You watched them!" The black armored figure closed the distance in three long steps, swinging the red plasma blade.
"I had no choice!" Jon said, desperately parrying his brother-in-law's attacks. "I would have died. I dind't have a choice."
Billions leaned forward and watched as the robed Terran desperately parried the attacks of Darth Harmonus, his face sweating.
Jon jumped back, wiping his brow, holding his forceblade out in front of him. Victor was a lot better with that weapon than he'd thought, was a lot more aggressive than he had thought.
He'd paid for the best muscle memory and wired reflexes that money could buy! He should have already beaten Victor!
"Still pay to win, I see," Darth Hamonus wheezed, slowly walking forward. "You'll spend a fortune to try to stop me, as if we were still children, but wouldn't even risk a respawn to die next to my sister and your children."
"You don't understand," Jon tried.
"No, I don't," Darth Harmonus said.
Billions of beings nodded. Darth Harmonus wouldn't understand cowardice.
"When I put you down, I'll have you taken care of, have the neural techs try to help you, Victor," Jon gasped, backing up from Darth Harmonus's advance.
"The SUDS has been broken for months," Harmonus wheezed, laughing at the end. A low, malevolent laugh.
Freezing, Jon checked.
LOCAL BACKUP ONLY appeared in his vision.
"Vic, wait..." Jon said, holding his hand out.
His drones followed their instructions, lashing out at Victor with the last of their power, pushing at him with pressor beams.
The armored figure made a fist and the pavement around his feet shattered.
The drones whined louder, smoke starting to seep from them.
Darth Harmonus took a step forward.
The drones began to sputter and grind.
The armored boots took another step.
"These aren't the LARP worlds," Darth Harmonus wheezed, taking another step.
"Don't kill me!" Jon pleaded. He turned and took two steps.
A fast motion threw him against one of the destroyed cars.
Darth Harmonus kept walking forward. "Here, in the Empire, I have learned the true power of the Dark Side," the armored figure intoned.
Jon used the last of his last drone's power to pull himself free of the wreckage, going into a guard stance.
"You watched her die. You talked her into giving up the SUDS," Victor growled, moving forward slowly. "You convinced her to give up SUDS, and kept yours. You watched them execute her."
"I SUDS'd up when I joined the resistance. They might have found out if I'd spoken up," Jon tried. "You used to be a Rebel! You know! They might have found out I was the one who bombed the police station!"
"YOU CAUSED HER DEATH!" Victor roared, shoving Jon back again with another motion. "THEY KILLED A HUNDRED WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN REPRISAL!"
"You don't understand, Vic," Jon tried again, backpedaling.
Still he didn't see any drones, any armor system powering up.
He's going to really kill me, Jon thought, sweat running down his face. I have no choice.
Jon lunged forward, swinging the force blade. Darth Harmonus deflected it with his own blade, blocking it in a shower of sparks at times.
"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Jon screamed, swinging with both hands from over his head.
Darth Harmonus caught the blade in his free hand, lightning crackling around his fist, wreathing his forearm with snarling red and purple electricity. The lightning coursed down the green blade.
With a cry of pain Jon let go, jumping back a half step, squealing in fright.
Darth Harmonus cut him in half.
Billions watched in their Tri-Vee as Darth Harmonus stood over the smoking body.
"No. I don't understand cowardice," he said.
He turned away with a swirl of his cloak. "If the robot is an eVI or better, release him. Otherwise, sell the ship," he told the two storm troopers with orange shoulder pauldrons.
"Are you all right, milord?" one asked.
"Yes, I am," Darth Harmonus said. He paused on the first step. "Now."
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Best motor to move a 10-15lbs. Robot?

Need suggestions for what motors to use.....
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Best Motors for a Small Robot with Motor Shield?

I'm fairly new to Arduino, I got my first board a week ago in the experimenters kit and I went through the entire packet in about two days. I've managed to use a potentiometer as a throttle for a motor and to control the angle of a servo, so that should give you an idea of my abilities as of now. I'm a solid programmer but the electrical engineering side of Arduino is new to me, and I'm really enjoying learning about it.
So on to my actual question (apologies for the wall of text in front of this) I'm planning on getting the motor shield (link!) for my Arduino board in order to get some much better and simpler motor control, and I wanted to know what the best motors and servos would be for this. I'm looking for fairly small size (1x1x2 inches about) and a decent amount of power, I'm looking to move a up to 10 pound robot although it will probably weigh less, or a 2-6 pound robot at fairly high speeds. As for servos I just want something fairly precise, fairly durable, and fairly strong, I'm not looking for anything amazing, just something better than what comes in the experimenter's kit that doesn't cost a small fortune.
If you've managed to make it through this massive wall of text, thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. And if you have any ideas that are fairly close to what I'm asking for, even better and thanks so much!
ninja edit: This looked a lot bigger in the link submission window, I guess it's not too huge of a wall of text :P
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Meet The Freak 17

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The room was lit by a diffuse glow, as the early morning sunlight filtered through the still raging blizzard.
I swung my legs off the footboard and onto the ground and wriggled my toes to try to get feeling back into my feet. They'd fallen asleep, propped up on the headboard, and began to buzz as the motion restored circulation.
Valentine had already slipped out, and I thought I could just make out muffled voices somewhere below, so I wasn't too worried. After dressing quickly, I ducked into the bathroom to wash up, only to find there was no hot water.
I frowned, and it did occur to me that it was a little cooler now than it had been when we'd gone to sleep. The fact that this little theme park village had any sort of power in the first place was pretty remarkable, perhaps whatever was supplying power was starting to run low?
In any case, I made do. I wasn't about to fit in the shower, so I settled for splashing some cold water on my face and went downstairs.
The carpeted wood creaked in protest, and while I kept my hand on the railing as I descended, I had little confidence in using it to catch me if I fell.
The gynoid's voice echoed up the stairway, "It's not alchemy," she was saying, her voice a little muffled, "And there are side effects. It renders men impotent and causes them to develop breasts, which is to say nothing of the consequences of getting found out. A single bout might earn a champion boxer a king's ransom, but it's all for nought if the truth is revealed. They'll lose their titles, and may even have to return their winnings."
"Now hold on a moment," Valentine demanded, "You're telling me that on top of making the user stronger, this potion also enhances the user's feminine endowments?"
I furrowed my brows as I descended the last of the steps. Both girls were speaking in their own language, though it seemed as if each could understand what the other was saying.
"I'm not certain of the effects in women, there are few female boxers or athletes of any kind, so I have little data," the gynoid replied, "Though I seriously doubt steroids would have any beneficial effect in a species that has such different biology."
The door at the bottom of the stairs was open a crack, and I swung it aside to find the gynoid hard at work while Valentine lounged by the fire. The gynoid had set up at one of the shop's tables, where she was working with a sewing machine, several rolls of grey wool and a selection of other cloth in various colours were laid out on the table next to her.
The room wasn't any less cluttered than it had been last night. There was a little more room near the front, where a great many mannequins displayed completed dresses in various designs and patterns. Even then, I'd hardly had space to slip through sideways, though Val probably found it plenty spacious. Several displays were silhouetted against the windows, little more than a blank white void that hid even the shops across the street.
A low desk and a few mannequins separated the rear of the shop from the front. Leaning against that desk, I was glad to see my poleaxe, the princeling's rifle, and the stormtrooper's rifle. Or rather, the gynoid's rifle and my rifle. In the back were several more workstations of the kind where the gynoid had set up shop, along with Val's fireplace. Behind the front desk was barely an inch of empty wall space, as aside from a space near the hearth, shelves all else. They weren't particularly fancy, just simple, unvarnished pine with open cubbyholes that held the business's raw materials.
The gynoid looked up as I entered, but Valentine wasn't about to rise from her nest of piled cloth and remained sprawled before the fire.
"I leave you two alone for hardly a moment, and you get up to all sorts of nonsense," I teased, "And how can you two even understand each other?"
"You were the one who traded for all that lead," Val yawned, "I combined it with a bit of brass and was able to throw something together. It won't last," she admitted, "But we have enough of both to last a while."
"Valentine has informed me that a more permanent solution might be found on a trip to the city," the gynoid put in.
I stuck a finger in my collar and pulled out the delicate necklace Temerity had given me, "Yeah, I mean in theory I bet we could make something like this, but I wouldn't even know where to start."
Valentine yawned and wriggled around in the piled cloth, "I wouldn't waste the energy," she advised, "I learned this trick," Val gestured between herself and the gynoid, "by rote. I'd been doing enough scavenging that it was worth the trouble to be able to understand people I ran into, but it's not the same. Communicate Mind- at least the way I'm using it -doesn't give me the language, as your amulet does with Elvish. It lets me understand the meaning behind their words as they speak them though, so it's nearly as good."
"But not permanent," the gynoid added.
"Hey, it's something," I shrugged, "So, what's the plan for today?"
"Well Amity here is going to finish putting together your new coat, and then we're going to see if we can find what she needs to fix the truck."
"You finally decided on a name?"
The gynoid, Amity, nodded, "Valentine helped me pick. And the name works regardless of language, which I understand will be quite useful."
"Hmm, Amity. Well alright, what do you need for the truck?"
"The damage is not so bad," she explained, "I already patched some of the holes when I went out to check on things-"
I glanced back out into the blizzard, and raised an eyebrow, "You did?"
She nodded gravely, "The village's power reserves will only hold out so long, and besides, I'm not susceptible to the cold."
"Trying to return home without the truck would be rather unpleasant," Valentine added, "To say nothing of the time it would take."
"Right, we're on a timetable," I agreed.
"Hence the coat," the gynoid explained, "Searching the town will be easier with your assistance, and neither can we wait to leave until the storm has passed. We need tubing and wiring to fix cut power cables and fuel lines, possibly some machine oil as well, if we can find it. The snow under the vehicle's engine was sodden with the stuff, and I do not know how it might run without proper lubrication."
Valentine caught my eye with a wry smile, but I just rolled my eyes.
"It would run. Maybe long enough to get us back home, maybe," I stressed, "But that would be it, the engine wouldn't take long to seize, and after that, it would never run again."
Amity nodded, and the sewing machine whirred as she put in another row of stitches, "Coat, wiring, tubing, oil. Is there anything else that you think we might need?"
I lifted my arms from my sides, gesturing vaguely about the room, "We might need all of this," I pulled a bolt of blue silk from a nearby cubby, "Man, even this cloth could be worth a fortune back in Parabuteo. But we've only got the one quarter ton truck to move it all," I shook my head, "I'm not even sure we can fit everything we decided to take from the treasure vault."
"We can always return later," Val added sleepily, "Blizzards aside, we're within a day's travel, even on foot. We can take trips back here to gather supplies as we need to."
I sat down next to Val, and she took my hand in both of hers. Val's flight suit was zipped down to the navel, though she still had her shift beneath. She held my hand to her chest, just below her neck, and seemed content to lay there just like that.
"I'm just trying to puzzle out the timeline here," I mused, idly drumming my fingers on Val's chest, "You're at a full charge now? I think you said that's enough for ninety-six hours of activity?"
She glanced up from her work long enough to smile warmly at the two of us and gave a nod of agreement.
Yeah, I did feel a little sheepish, but what the hell. Val didn't mind, and Amity seemed to think the two of us were pretty cute together. Maybe I just needed to get over myself.
"Four days? How long if you sleep, or whatever your equivalent is."
"If I sleep as frequently and as long as a human does, just shy of five and a half days. But I can push it to eight if I spend most of the day asleep."
"In a perfect world, you'd stay here where we know you have power till I can get things going back at the hotel. But I've got no idea how long that would take, less than ninety-six hours I hope, but who the hell knows. Not to mention that I've got no idea when you might lose power here."
"I told you," Val declared, "The man is absolutely obsessive, it really is quite charming."
"Do not overburden yourself," Amity soothed, "Might what you suggest work? Perhaps, but I suspect that any time gained, would be equalled by that lost to managing the logistics. Though I appreciate the consideration you're giving my plight."
The bell hanging above the door rang as Amity pushed it open, the cheery sound at odds with the macabre scene we'd stepped into. Val shivered as the door swung shut behind us, and I caught the bell to stop it from ringing again.
The shop was full of body parts. They hung on the walls, were set out on shelves, and displayed within glass-topped cabinets. Most of them looked human, though some of the limbs lacked the skin-like covering of the others.
It was as if someone had combined a computer hardware store with a butcher shop. There were sections for particular brand names, posters showing how someone might combine different parts, even a clearance section in one corner. But instead of out-of-box monitors and RMAed graphics cards, there was a pile of mismatched limbs in various skin tones.
Val looked like she was about to be sick, I didn't think someone with purple skin could turn green, but damn was she trying her best. Amity, well, the gynoid looked as if she was hoping someone would step out from behind the counter. Someone she could tear into pieces small enough to be displayed with the rest of the store's wares. As for myself, I just felt... sad.
It was one of those situations where I knew I should probably be saying something comforting. But as usual, I had no idea what that would be.
"Amity-" Val began.
"We've searched half a dozen stores, and still haven't found what we need. We will find it here. Besides," she grimaced, "I need to do some shopping."
And that's when a terrible thought occurred to me.
"What does it take to turn all this into a working model? Amity-" I had no good way to phrase this, so I just asked her, "Are we going to need to decide whether or not to turn these people on?"
Amity stopped by a case that had a collection of arm assemblies on display, but did not turn to face me, "If we did build these parts out into more droids," she began quietly, "What would you want to do with them?"
"Honestly, I have no idea," I admitted, "I mean, they'd be people, so it would be up to them. My only concern is that I might not be able to keep them all powered."
"That's your only worry?" Amity asked evenly.
"Yeah, I'll be honest here Amity, I'm not even sure I can keep your batteries charged. I don't even know how to generate electricity with magic. I've got some ideas, but then there's scaleability to consider, what if 'success' means generating just a few hundred watts?" I rubbed at my temples, trying to banish the headache I could already feel approaching, "I don't know, I guess I'll figure it out."
"It's okay Wallace," Amity replied gently, "A place like this would not sell droid cores, such things are tightly controlled. No, you need not worry about taking several dozen more of my kind under your wing. Though I would like your help installing some of these parts. I'm not fond of the body the prince chose for me, and I'd like to take the opportunity you've given me to make some adjustments. Valentine, there are some replacement parts over on that shelf, could you-"
Valentine nodded, already heading over to gather up what we needed.
"Alright then Amity, what are we looking for?"
"I'm a service droid. The prince's mother spared no expense when deciding upon my appearance, but I am very nearly as fragile as a human. I'm not compatible with combat droid parts, but there are parts here to modify a service droid to serve as a covert bodyguard."
She gestured to the case she was standing next to, "This one has claws hidden in the forearm, that one has a short-barreled rifle, plenty to choose from."
"What about the pair you have now?" I stepped up beside her and started reading through the labels, "Stabbing people is cool, I get it, but people need fixing a lot more than they need stabbing."
Amity nodded thoughtfully, "A quad torso, then."
"A what now?"
"A torso with two sets of shoulders."
"That's something we can replace?"
"Mmm-hmm, I'd get a battery upgrade at the same time, if not for the fact that I believe I already have the model with the most capacity," Amity mused, "We'll have to swap them into the new torso."
"Amity, I'm a pretty smart dude, but there's only so much I can figure out on the spot."
"It's not terribly complicated," she assured me, "It's work meant to be done by the house's human servants, or a particularly interested noble. Here, forearm claws it is."
I tucked Amity's selection under one arm and followed her as she made her way over to a glass-fronted cabinet that was covered by red velvet curtains. Nearby hung a sign that read "Betty's Best Burlesque", with a smaller one atop the cabinet that declared its contents to be 'torsos'.
Amity drew the curtains aside and-
"Guess I know what the curtains are for, Christ."
"My current torso is a Betty's, I'm given to understand it's the best," she said wryly.
"But more importantly, they make this one," Amity explained, as she lifted one, somewhat larger than her own, and handed it to me, "Built on a sturdier frame, with double shoulders, and thicker plating."
I hesitated for a moment before taking it, careful to find a safe handhold.
"What about the legs? Maybe something with foot claws?" I suggested.
"Mmm, I was just going to find something with stronger servos, but you do make a good point... Ah, here. 'The Lioness'," she read, "Better servos, 'The Lionesses Claws', it should even add a few inches to my height. You look like you've got your hands full," she observed, picking up the legs, "Come on in to the back, there should be a workshop, and I want to get these parts attached as quickly as possible."
I glanced over my shoulder on my way over to the door, "Val?"
"I'm good," she promised, "I think I've found what we need. You help Amity, and I'll finish up here."
The backroom looked a lot like a dentist's office, though last time I'd been to the dentist, there hadn't been quite so many limbs strewn about. Thankfully there was a clear workbench next to one of the not-quite-dental chairs, and the two of us set down Amity's new equipment.
"Anything I should know before we start? Is this going to hurt you?"
She shook her head, and began to disrobe, "I'll be okay, Wallace. Just listen carefully, follow my instructions, and everything will be fine."
"Okay, well, sorry if I'm a little nervous. It's just. I kinda find the whole concept of taking apart a living creature a little stressful."
"Yes, well, don't forget to put me back together as well."
"Yeah, of course, no biggie."
Amity stripped out of the rest of her clothes, and totally, spectacularly nude, laid back in the chair. I let out a long breath, flipped on the examination lights, and stepped up beside her.
"Alright, where do I start?"
She extended her arm, "Arms and torso need to come off, then the new torso and arms can go back on. Just push down on the collar bone here- yes, just like that."
There was a soft click, and I rotated the arm by the shoulder until it came loose. I set it carefully on the bench and did the same for the other arm.
"Alright, good so far," Amity soothed, "Though your hands are perhaps a little clammy."
I wiped my hands on my jeans, "I don't know why you're so calm, you're the one who's missing her arms."
"You're here," she said matter of factly.
I chuckled, and shook my head, "What's next?"
"Now you need to take apart my torso. We'll be keeping the batteries and the spine. Everything else should come off easily enough. Just above my hips, yes that's right, now lift, and the front should come right off."
And so it did. I didn't see a seam, but it separated from just below the navel, right up to the neck. The entire front half of her upper body came right off, and I set it on the bench with the other pieces.
I'd been expecting complex electronics, maybe some forged steel and milled aluminium. But instead, her insides seemed remarkably simple. There were the batteries, with glowing conduits leading away, and a spine that appeared to be brass. A far cry from the absolute mess of mechanics and wiring I'd been expecting. For all I knew, maybe her people did have magic, and this is how they used it. Hard to say really. After all, where was the line between technology and sufficiently understood magic?
"Alright, now help me roll over and take off the rest."
Once I removed the rear section of her torso, it was easy enough to put the new parts on. She guided me through taking apart the new torso, and after removing the spine and battery bank that had come with it, attached the two new halves and connected the power conduits for the new arm mounts.
I had just finished attaching her new combat arms to the upper set of shoulders when Valentine stepped in. Cradled in both arms was yet another set of arms, ones she'd selected herself it seemed. Val stopped dead upon the threshold, and her cheeks coloured as her gaze lingered on Amity.
"Wow," she muttered, then coughed, "Ahem, I've found something you might like. I heard what Wallace mentioned about keeping your medical capability."
"Thank you, but I think we've found what we need though. Wallace hasn't reconnected them yet, but this new torso lets me keep my old arms as well."
"Ah, but I think I've found something even better than the old pair," Val explained, "After I found what we need for the truck, and got over the urge to vomit, I poked around a little to see if I could help. These have the same medical and mechanical repair... I don't know, thingies. But they also have coils to discharge electric shocks, and fingernails that extend into razor-sharp steel claws. They can also dispense lubricant, though I'm not certain that's quite as useful," she admitted.
"Where the hell did you find those?"
"And why do they dispense lubricant?" Amity frowned.
"They're part of a set for assembling what I believe The Blushing Maiden would call a 'governess'."
For a moment, I thought Amity was going to respond with an angry rebuke, but her expression softened. Instead, a smile slowly spread across her face. Val helped me attach the two new arms, and Amity drew her into an embrace.
"Thank you."
"You are quite welcome, I think I like the new you."
"Oh, I noticed," Amity replied with a smirk, and the two separated, "But Wallace isn't quite done-"
I heard the bell ring, accompanied by the sound of howling wind, and a shout of, "Where is that damnable giant."
I hadn't yet heard the princeling's voice, but when I saw Amity tremble and turn white as a sheet, I knew who was waiting for us in the front room.
"I'll stall," Val hissed, "You two finish."
And with that, she was through the half-opened door in a flash of movement, and it swept shut after her.
"Come on, how do I get these off?"
"W-what?" Amity stammered.
I put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in close, "Amity, I'm not going to pretend to understand- well, anything." I pointed at the door, beyond which I could already hear a muffled argument, "But right now, out there, is a tiny little lunatic that's ready to go toe to toe with the prince and his buddies. All just to buy us the time we need to put you back together."
She nodded stiffly and told me where to press and turn. The legs came off nearly as quickly as the arms did. I'd just picked up the first of the replacement limbs, when I heard a muffled voice, male, just on the other side of the door.
There was a soft click as the latch began to turn, followed by a yowl that might have come from an angry mountain lion, and a crash. The collision was violent enough to take pictures off the wall, but I paid little mind to the breaking glass.
I heard the last click, and spread my hands, "Alright, both work?"
She wriggled her toes and flexed her legs experimentally, then looked up at me, more than a little worry in her eyes, and nodded.
"Alright, you get dressed, I'm going to go back up Val."
If I was smart, I'd have brought the axe with me when searching the shops, but I wasn't, so I hadn't. Instead, I straightened and turned to the door. Slowly, and with purpose, I ducked through and pulled it shut behind.
The moment seemed to freeze as the door clicked shut. On the floor, next to the door, was Prince Guillaume. The prince was on his back and had just put one of his hands behind him to push himself up. His face was all beat up on the right side, and his neck all red. I could still make out the outline of the tiny fingers that had been choking him.
Standing over him was Matt, who was holding Valentine up off the ground by her hair. Her eyelids were fluttering, and while she was moving a little, her tiny body was all but limp. I could see a large bruise forming on her brow above the eye.
"Shoot him," the prince demanded.
Will, the only one not otherwise occupied, had been standing in the middle of the store, looking adrift in the wind. But with the command given, he brought his weapon up to level, the barrel pointed at my chest.
I turned, and looked at him. Looked him dead in the eyes, and he hesitated.
Hell, for all I knew, Will was probably an okay guy. A giant stupid asshole, but, you know, okay. Honestly, a lot of people are giant stupid assholes, even I'm kind of a giant stupid asshole sometimes. But Will, it seemed, was not the kind of giant stupid asshole who would shoot a man just because a different giant stupid asshole told him to.
But he was still pointing a gun at me, so I had to be sure.
"If you shoot me, I will kill you, and it will hurt the whole time you're dying."
Will's voice was tight, with just the slightest hint of waver in it, but his words came out clearly, "These are hollow points."
I shrugged, "And?"
I turned, as I heard movement from the trio by the door, and saw that Matt was gently lowering Val to the ground. Her hands grasped aimlessly at the shelves as he let her down, but her limbs weren't quite responding, and she ended up sitting on the ground next to the prince.
"What did you do?" I asked him simply.
"Well she was choking the dude, I tried to make her stop, but she was choking him. It's not like I can just let her kill the guy so," he swallowed, "I hit her. With the but of my gun."
"Do you want to live?"
"Hey man, I get that you're worried about your girl-"
I crossed the distance in a single step and grabbed for his submachine gun. He pulled it away, so I went for his arm and hauled him around until I could get ahold of his gun. I put my other hand on his chest, and pulled it away, snapping the strap as I did.
And then I took the gun in both hands and snapped it in half.
"So Simon has the stormtrooper, makes sense you wouldn't take up with him. Then there's me, but we both know how that worked out. So you side with this idiot, makes sense, I guess. But you're not a total fucking idiot. It's only been a day, but I bet you're already starting to get an understanding of just what sort of man the prince is. Even still, you've got to protect the guy. And you did, fair enough I suppose. But that's how these things start, isn't it? One thing leads to another, and something that started small ends in all-out war. So either we can short circuit that right here, or I can kill you, then the prince, then Will. The prince, now I don't think I'd mind killing him. Honestly wish I'd done it sooner. But you and Will are just a couple of idiots caught in an absolutely fucked situation."
"What the fuck do you want from me, man?"
"Somewhere out there are Simon and his angels. Go find them, tell them that Val is hurt and that she needs help now."
It took only a glance between the two men, once I'd let Matt out from where I'd had him all but pinned against the shelf, to decide that doing what I'd asked was an excellent idea. And the two were on their way looking for Simon without further argument.
The prince said something I didn't bother hearing, and reminded of his presence, I picked him up by the collar. Again, the thought occurred just to kill him then and there. I wouldn't necessarily even be breaking my word to Matt and Will. But if I was going to do this leadership thing, I'd need to take care in curating my reputation. Killing this idiot wasn't the best way to do that.
So I tossed him into the far corner and told him not to go anywhere.
I knelt next to Val and brushed her hair away from the growing bruise, "Val, you okay?" I whispered.
She nodded, and then clutched at her head, "Ohhh..." she muttered weakly, "Not gonna do that again."
I held up my hand, "How many fingers."
"Six," she glowered, "I didn't get hit that hard."
"You kinda did."
Val sighed, "Bugger me, I got hurt, again."
"I'd tell you that I'll take care of everything, but I don't want you to break your hand slapping me upside the head."
"See? You're learning. Now would you help me up?"
"Just hold on a second, if those two know what's good for them- Ah, they're here."
The bell rang, and Simon and Victoria blew in with the wind, with Will and Matt not far behind.
"Over here," I said with a wave of the hand.
Victoria and Simon came to kneel by Val, who seemed irritated by the attention, while Matt and Will checked on their charge. I got a reproachful look from Matt but rolled my eyes. The idiot was still alive, what more did he want?
"She's going to be fine," Simon assured me.
I'd been too busy looking over at the prince and his new buddies to catch what he'd used for the spell, but Simon had cast something. Not that Val looked any better for it.
"I know," Val grumbled.
"Going to be fine," he repeated, "Right now you're all beat up," he handed me a tin, much like the one Temerity had kept her healing ointment in.
"Apply that before she goes to bed and after she wakes up-"
"I'm right here! I can use the stupid heal goo myself!"
"It'll take a few days, just make sure she gets enough rest."
"Aren't you the Body wizard? You're telling me you can't just fix this?"
He shook his head, "Healing magic is fucking complicated. Stuff like the ointment, it's safe. All it does is nudge the body to heal as it would naturally, only a little faster, and provides the energy needed to do it. Actual healing spells are more like invasive surgery, best not to do it unless the body can't sort things out on its own.
"What did you cast then?"
"Magic MRI, more or less. She's going to have a headache for a while, maybe feel a little dizzy, but there's no damage to the brain itself. Having a cartilage skeleton makes fey tougher than you'd think."
"That's all well and good," intruded a poncy little voice, "Now there are more pressing matters to attend to."
I put a staying hand on Val, and though she shot me a look, she stayed where she was as the rest of us stood.
"Is this the dipshit you and Cilla rescued?"
"Yes," Victoria agreed, "This is he."
The prince fixed Simon with his best haughty sneer, "I expect such behaviour from the giant, but I'd thought someone in your position would have the character to show a little respect."
"Hey buddy, I'm the guy who commands land and people. You're just some jackoff with a smashed airship."
"You are, of course, mistaken," the prince replied, "These two fellows have informed me of the local situation, and as this land was once of my world, I've seen fit to claim it in my own name. As such, I'll have no more of this looting of my property."
"Are you two fellows" Simon mocked, "Sure you want to stick with this guy?"
"The fuck else are we going to do?" Matt sighed, and Prince Guillaume did not seem pleased to hear this remark, "Wallace is a psycho, and you've got Jankin. We're not exactly overwhelmed by options here."
"There is another," Simon offered.
"That's quite enough," Guillaume cut in, "Come you two, we're leaving."
There was a shared look between the two rebels, and Will spoke, "Nah, say your bit, Simon."
"There are three entire cities out there, full of people who'd be glad to hire you. They'll pay you enough to live as well as anyone can in this world. You don't need to join my little club, just stick around till we get to the city. We'll leave early tomorrow, probably be there by dinner. I'll even make a few introductions," Simon offered.
"Fuckin' sold."
"You two promised me-" Guillaume began.
"Would you please shut up?" Matt sighed, "The only promise we made was to help you stake your claim. And these two are leaving anyway, right?"
Simon nodded, and I did as well. Assuming Amity could get the truck patched up before dusk, we could very well be spending the night back at the hotel.
"Well there you go, buddy," Will said with false cheer, "Job done, we're leaving."
Guillaume looked at each one of us in turn, making a show of memorizing our faces I suppose, before turning to leave. He paused on the threshold, his hand on the door, and glanced back, "I'll not forget this," he declared. And with that, he was gone into the blizzard.
"Melodramatic motherfucker isn't he?" Will observed.
Simon shrugged, "He's not our problem any more. Wallace here is the one that's got to put up with him as a neighbour though. No, just," Simon waved off their questions, "I'll explain later. For now, Victoria, would you please take them over to where we're loading the glider?"
"Certainly," she agreed.
A moment later, only Simon, myself, and Val remained.
"Don't tell me you're going to fly that thing out of here."
"God no, it comes apart," Simon explained, "One of my girls made this little magic engine, rearrange a few things and it rebuilds into a sort of motorized wagon. It's not quick enough to get us back to the city before dusk, but tomorrow is Last Light. The Long Night will give us plenty of leeway, even if the blizzard gives us trouble. What about you? I saw your truck, do you need a ride?"
"No, we can fix it. I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight."
Simon spread his hands, "Fine by me, but you should know, I saw something on the flight over that might interest you. Particularly with this dickhead hanging around here."
I felt a sudden tug on my wrist, and I looked down with a start to see Val hauling herself to her feet. She held onto my arm for balance, but otherwise put on a strong face.
"Go on," she prompted.
Simon smirked, but did as she asked, "Maybe twenty-five miles from your tower block is a castle. Not sure how long it's been there, but there's a whole village built up around it. The thing's not done, but from what I saw, the castle came along with all its people too."
"It can't have been that long," Val considered, "That's near enough to make the journey in a single day, we would have seen some evidence if they'd been poking around before we arrived."
"I don't know, a bunch of medieval villagers, most of them probably never travelled anywhere near that far from home. And that's before their world got turned upside down. They're probably not keen on the idea of running around getting into trouble with strangers."
Simon spread his hands, "Whatever you two decide, the prince will probably have his eye on them too, once he learns they're there. Even half a castle is more than he has now. And he'll need people to farm for him if he doesn't want to starve out here."
"Wallace and I shall consider our options. Thank you for sharing this information with us."
The shorter man nodded absently as he began buttoning his coat. "Thirty degrees north, more or less, twenty-five miles out, more or less."
"And don't forget," he added, before stepping out into the cold. "Ointment in the morning, and ointment before bed."
Valentine gave him a little wave, and he too departed.
"He's just telling us about the castle to fuck over the prince."
Val was still a little unsteady on her feet, but I got her into the back room and sat her down where I'd been working on Amity. As for Amity, well, she was mostly dressed. She'd been hovering by the door, clad only in the apron from the cafe, worry written all over her face. But that quickly turned to a pained wince when she saw Val.
"I am so very sorry, I just-"
"You've got nothing to apologize for, Amity," I assured her.
"Look at her," Amity cried.
"I've had worse," Val muttered, "But I'd prefer not to spend another night here. The parts we need are-" she waved a hand vaguely, "Can you..."
"I'll take care of it," Amity promised.
And without another word or scrap of clothing, Amity was through the door with a fervour.
I looked down at myself, and at the coat Amity had sewn me to replace the one I'd so foolishly lost. It was dark grey rather than black, and the style was a little different, but the cut and fit were superb. Though that likely had something to do with the coat being tailored to me. It was a damn sight better than the quadruple extra large I'd had modified back home.
"Maybe we should have given her a little time to make something for herself," I suggested.
"We do have plenty of clothing back at the hotel," Val commented, and though she was trying to put on a strong face, I could hear the pain in her voice, "She's sure to like something. I don't know, maybe I'll grab a few things from the dressmaker's shop, just in case."
"Why don't I grab some things from the dressmaker's shop, and you relax," I told her, then grimaced, "Not that I want to leave either of you alone right now."
"Aww, you are just so sweet," Val smiled, "But I'll be fine," she reached into the front of her jumpsuit and withdrew one of her big wheellocks, "Amity's the one that needs help right now, I'll be along in a bit, I promise."
For the first time in a very long while, I wondered if I might be hallucinating this whole experience. Everything since getting hit by the dump truck and meeting Temerity. I mean, what else was I supposed to think as the image of Amity working on the truck resolved itself out of the icy fog. There she was, with the front of the truck taken apart, grease and engine oil smeared on her hands, apron, and face. I'd just taken her apart for fuck's sake, but here she was, looking as human as ever. Just so long as you ignored the extra set of arms, and the fact she was standing all but naked in the middle of a blizzard, none the worse for wear.
I pulled my toque, also a creation of Amity, down tighter around my ears as I approached. I was careful as I did, not to sneak up on her. I didn't know what her ears were like, but knew that at least I couldn't hear much of anything over the howling wind, so I was sure to approach within her eye line.
She glanced up as I drew nearer, and because nothing in this entire situation made sense, I just asked the question that was on my mind.
"What's your favourite colour?" I shouted, to the sentient robot, over the noise of the howling wind, while standing in the middle of Steampunk Napoleonic Disneyland.
Amity, it seemed, was unfazed by the insanity of the situation, and after a moment replied with a shout of, "Red.”
“Why?" she asked, beckoning me forwards into the relative shelter of the raised hood.
It wasn't much, but it did enough to make speaking a little easier.
"Gonna loot the dress shop before we clear out, we've got clothes back home, but I'm gonna grab some things in case you'd like to make something of your own."
Her reply was quiet, but I caught the shape of the words, even as the wind carried the sound of them away.
Thankfully it seemed that the prince hadn't checked the shop as he'd been searching for us, as surely the three of them would have tracked snow everywhere if they'd been through the place. As it was, the floor was clean and dry, at least until I started stomping around. My first stop was at the weapons, and axe, rifles, and ammo all went over one shoulder.
Near the back was a big sack of undyed yarn, which I promptly dumped out onto the floor. I still had my doubts about the safety of the dyes these people used, but green was the only one that came to mind as being particularly likely to contain awful things. Red then, was probably fine. Granted, it was for Amity, and I doubted she had to worry about whether her clothing contained lead or arsenic. Though there was always the chance we'd come into contact with it as well.
With that in mind, I also stuffed some raw cotton and silk into the sack, along with the selection of reds that I thought Amity might like. At least this way we'd have something safe to use, patching clothing and the like.
With the sack stuffed full, I did one last circuit of the shop, top to bottom, to make sure we'd not left anything behind. Finding nothing, I tied the top of the sack tight and stepped back out into the cold.
Val was with Amity at the truck by the time I returned. She sat in the cab with her hands tucked under her arms, shivering a little in the cold. My things went into the bed of the truck, and I came around to the front to see how Amity was doing.
"How are we so far?"
"We're about to find out," she called back, "I just finished replacing the oil. I warmed it a little inside. Hopefully, it will be enough for this to start in the cold."
Amity pushed the rod aside, and let the hood drop the last few inches. It shut with a clang, and she gave Val a nod.
The little fey shivered once and leaned down out of view. A moment later, I heard the starter motor chug for a moment, then catch, and the truck shuddered as it coughed to life.
Amity allowed herself a satisfied smile and wiped all four of her greasy hands on the front of her apron.
"Are you going to be okay? Riding in the back, I mean."
"Not much else to do really, I'll manage. Now come on, get in so we can pick up our winnings and get the hell out of here."
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Standout VR Deals from the Steam Halloween Sale

Hey, I make the ACAB VR Games list, the Guide to Using SteamVR, the Guide to Using the Index for AR, and the Half Life Alyx Hardware Guide. I saw how many games were on sale for Halloween and decided to quickly throw together some suggestions

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I'm overwhelmed. I want to control some motors and make a moving robot, but don't know what the best solution is...

There's DC motors, stepper motors, motor drivers. I was hoping for some clarification on what each one does, where it's used best, why it's used for what, and the best places to purchase motors along with tires. Thank you for any help!
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Xinjiang Boycott List

I made a list of companies and brands with ties to Xinjiang or that use Xinjiang forced labor in their products so you can boycott them (or contact them if you like). Here it is, and a PDF link so you can send it to your friends and family.
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A Collection of the Lore of Pre-War Energy Weapons

**NOTE: This a collection of the lore about Pre-War energy weapons. While some weapons do have stated lore others have more vague details. So for weapons that lack this, I have combined their gameplay attributes and information I gathered through the games. I also did not include the Fallout 4 and 76 pistol variants of laser and plasma because they are rifles but cut short so no new lore is there.**


Plasma weapons are high tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, powered by either microfusion cells, energy cells, plasma cartridges, or plasma cores which find numerous applications in military and industrial fields. Known for turning their victims into a pile of green goo, plasma weapons are favored for their heavy-hitting nature.
Plasma Caster (Fallout 1, 2, NV, and 76)
Originally known as Winchester Model P94 "Plasma Rifle". The Plasma Caster was an industrial-grade energy caster, firing superheated bolts of plasma down a superconducting barrel, ending in electromagnetic claws helping to stabilize the plasma bolt. Although effective, the weapon was panned by American Generals for its bulky design and specialized training needed to wield it. This caused a mad dash by competing companies to build their own better P94 although non were largely produced before the war.
Gatling Plasma (Fallout 76)
Produced by the United States Government before the Great War, the Gattling Plasma was capable of shooting hot plasma bolts extremely quickly over a period of time albeit inaccurately. Although not as widely used as the Plasma Caster, it still found service under the Applachian Enclave. Using Plasma Cores as their ammunition, the Gattling Plasma was unique in that it was the only member of the Plasma Weapon Family that uses an alternative heavy plasma cell instead of the more widespread MFC or disposable Plasma Cell.
Urban Plasma Rifle (Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4, and 76)
In response to the demands asking for a more compact plasma weapons platform for urban warfare, the Plasma Rifle combines the raw power of the Plasma caster with the mobility of a standard rifle. Using the common military Micro Fusion Cell as its ammunition with some models using disposable plasma cells, the Plasma Rifle was the go-to heavy hitter for stubborn targets. Although the design remained generally consistent, multiple companies continued to experiment with the design attempting to increase the potency of the weapon.
Urban Plasma Pistol (Fallout 3 and New Vegas)
A further evolution of the Urban Plasma Rifle design, the Plasma Pistol was a cut-down variant of the Urban Plasma Rifle making it easily wieldable with one hand. Popular with American Army Officers as a sidearm, the Urban Plasma Pistol was a simple solution.
Plasma Defender (Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas)
The Austrian-made Glock 86 plasma pistol (also known as the Plasma Defender) was designed before the Great War by the engineer turned AI Gaston Glock. Compared to its Urban Plasma Pistol cousin, the Plasma Defender boasts higher damage and a faster firing rate through the use of mechanical parts. Exceptionally more common than its Urban combat cousin, the Glock 86 was available for civilian purchase.


Light and fast, laser weapons use an array of crystals and an energized beam to produce a laser that can cause significant damage to opponents. Used heavily by the American Armed Forces before the Great War, laser weapons became notorious for leaving their targets as nothing but ash.
Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol (Fallout 1 and 2)
A commonly available civilian energy pistol. Due to it being a civilian model, the wattage is lower than military or police versions. Internally, the Wattz 1000 laser pistol utilizes a different crystal construction making it severely less potent. For security purposes, it can be locked down for transport and reactivated with a rearming sequence.
Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle (Fallout 1)
Known alternatively as the Sunbeam Laser Rifle, the Wattz 2000 uses microfusion cells for more powerful lasers and an extended barrel for additional range. Used by the United States Marine Corp as a sniper rifle alternative and has seen use in mainland China during the Sino-American War.
Gatling Laser (Fallout 1 and 2)
Known as the L30 Gatling Laser, this version of Gatling laser uses common MFC cells and shoots exclusively in generally weak small round bursts. Resembling a traditional minigun with its rotating barrels, the L30 fulfills the crowd suppression role and the burst fire allows for greater control. Due to its burst fire nature, it would be overlooked in favor of automatic Gatling lasers but still is a personal favorite of certain sections of the West Coast military forces.
Gatling Laser (Fallout 3 and NV)
Known as the UB-FRIED 3000 Gatling Laser, this take on the Gatling laser weapon system had an internal laser mechanism that connected to three laser emitters that spun at breakneck speeds. Compared to its AER9 competition, the UB-FRIED used the obsolete Electron Charge Pack and so had a higher ammunition pool which required the user to carry around a back-mounted energy pack. Brought into service shortly before the war, models of these weapons were saught after tools by military remnants looking for a laser advantage.
Gatling Laser (Fallout 4 and 76)
A true Gatling gun in nature, the Gattling Laser uses four AER9 laser rifle barrels connected to a central motor that spins at high speeds producing a consistent stream of fire. Using a Fusion Core as both ammunition for the gun and to power the motor, Gattling Laser was best suited for suppressing fire and overwhelming targets with scorching lasers.
Laser RCW (Fallout New Vegas)
Designed to mimic the famous Thompson Sub Machine gun down to its fast firing rate just with lasers. Contributing to this image is the specially made "drum" underneath that held 6 capacitors with an Electron Charge Pack in its center. The capacitors in the drum rotate as they fire in succession, producing a single continuous laser beam. While each capacitor is firing, the ECP is used to recharge the previously discharged capacitors. Modifications to the drum allow for better efficiency with the ECP resulting in more "shots" before depletion.
Laser Rifle (Fallout 3, NV, 4, 76)
Commonly found in the hands of the US Army before the Great War, the AER9 was actually not the top laser rifle in service at the time being outmatched by the State of the Art AER12. The reason that the AER9 is much more commonly found is that it was much sturdier and more reliable than the newer models that followed. The AER9 uses a titanium housed crystal array which has proven itself resistant to the elements. As a result, the crystal arrays stayed focused on acceptable levels rather than falling completely out of focus like the newer models. Powered by the staple Microfusion Cell, the AER9 proved itself as the energy workhorse of the US Armed Forces.
Laser Pistol (Fallout 3 and NV)
The AEP7 laser pistol was put into service to replace the AEP5 model. With a generous battery size, tight shot grouping at the range, resilience to extended use, and fairly decent damage output, it is a very good choice for a sidearm. The weapon was favored so heavily that it was a contender to replace the standard-issue 10mm pistol in the American Army.

Gauss Weapons

Originally created as a contingency against stolen or reverse-engineered power armor, Gauss Weapons have become synonymous with the term "Bunker Buster" and leaving a destructive warpath in their wake.
Gauss Pistol (Fallout 2 and 76)
Known as the German PPK-12 Gauss Pistol, the Gauss Pistol found service among the high command of the United States Military including the Secret Service for its sheer stopping power for its class. Using electrified magnetic coils, the user could charge a shot for increased range and kinetic damage.
Gauss Shotgun (Fallout 76)
The scattergun version of the PPK-12, the Gauss Shotgun achieves its spread shot effect by using 50 micro-barrels housed inside the Shotgun's primary barrel. By charging the shot, the user could cause a hellfire of shrapnel to erupt from the end and effectively shred anything unfortunate enough to be downrange.
Gauss Minigun (Fallout 76)
Resembling an anti-aircraft gun rather than a typical minigun, the Gauss Minigun fulfills the heavy suppression aspect that its class demands. Much like its brothers in the series, the Gauss Minigun requires a charge-up time to launch its projectile however engineers combined this electromagnetic charge uptime with a typical minigun's barrel revolution cycle. This combination efficiently negates the additional charge time making deployment of the weapon faster.
Scoped Gauss Rifle (Fallout 3, NV, and 4)
Originally a Chinese knockoff of the German PPK-12, this rifle was meant to be employed against American troops during the American-Sino War. Horror stories started to flood from the Chinese front about power armored soldiers being liquidated by some form of a new weapon. Naturally, this made capturing the weapon a top priority. After its capture by the United States Military the rifle was closely studied and was briefly reproduced as the American Gauss Rifle. Multiple of these weapons can be found in military installations as multiple American groups tried to experiment with it.
American Gauss Rifle (Fallout 4 and 76)
Reverse engineered from the Chinese Scoped Gauss Rifle, the American Gauss Rifle was a fusion of the German PPK Gauss rifle and its Chinese knockoff. Extremely crude in comparison to its inspiration, the American Gauss Rifle or AGR resembled a proof of concept rather than a final product. Although rough in appearance, the AGR is no pushover in combat matching the damage output of its competitors.
There are a few Pre-War energy weapons that I neglected to put in but their exclusion was based on an extreme lack of lore and appearance. Weapons like the Recharger weapons, pulse weapons, and a few others are so scarce on lore. I will update this with any corrections or additions I may have missed.

Pulse Weapons

Shooting electromagnetic pulses these weapons are the definition of fear to robots, power armor, and anything else that has electric coursing through it.
YK32 Pulse Pistol (Fallout 2)
Developed by the Yuma Flats Energy Consortium, the YK2000 shot powerful EMP pulses at the expense of inefficient ammo usage. Considered impractical as an actual weapon due to its size and rapid energy consumption it was forsaken for alternatives.
YK42b Pulse Rifle (Fallout 2)
The superior brother to the YK32, the YK42b pulse rifle corrected the issues that plagued its pistol predecessor. With more efficient battery usage and a superior range, the YK42b was considered a straight upgrade.
CircutBreaker Pulse Gun (Fallout New Vegas)
Codenamed the "CIRCUIT BREAKER," this prototype weapon developed for the US as a countermeasure to powered armor which was feared to be in development by the Chinese. Using small power cells like the others in its class, this weapon is capable of disabling both power armor and robots extremely quickly.
Special thanks to those who have pointed out the weapons I forgot to include. I will continue to update the post. Sorry I could not keep an exact log of what was added.

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Standout VR Deals from the Steam Halloween Sale

Hey, I make the ACAB VR Games list, the Guide to Using SteamVR, the Guide to Using the Index for AR, and the Half Life Alyx Hardware Guide. I saw how many games were on sale for Halloween and decided to quickly throw together some suggestions

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The underrated stock survey! Submit your picks for the community to track

Following on the previous tracking post (http://redd.it/i2mmzg) and the highly upvoted request from DJ-Ascii , I've set up this post for another round of underrated or undervalued stock picks.
As before, let us know what stock you believe is underrated and a consistent winner that has done well for you, or you believe will do well going forward.
In order to make this easier to track please use the following guidelines for submitting.
  1. Only one submission per comment. You can make multiple comments, but please only submit one stock per comment.
  2. Please include at least the ticker and the company name. Feel free to explain why you think this is a good stock.
I'll add these new picks alongside the old survey so as to update you on each portfolio over time. Don't worry about any overlaps.
Edit 1: I've compiled everyone who has posted so far, but I'll look out for any final additions tomorrow. The list will then be locked EOD on Friday the 7th of August, and all prices will start from there.
Edit 2: All picks have now been locked down and consolidated into the list below. Stocks are sorted in alphabetical order of their company name and the ID corresponds to the approximate order in which they were submitted. The next update will be in 30 days.
ID Company Symbol Provided by Upvotes 8/7/2020
194 10X Genomics Inc TXG Unlucky-Prize 1 $96.13
176 2U Inc TWOU DickDaddy 1 $41.49
110 AAR Corp. AIR paulo92834 4 $18.77
180 ACM Research Inc ACMR moveitover 1 $101.92
23 Activision Blizzard, Inc. ATVI Mondanivalo 12 $82.47
8 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD ArneGo, apqwer, LoveOfProfit 13 $84.85
28 Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc UAVS fishkillr 16 $3.26
205 Agraflora Organics International Inc AGRA spreeshark 1 $0.05
22 Air Canada TSE:AC priamXus 0 $15.73
19 Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALXN fisk47 39 $103.28
70 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd - ADR BABA helio987, ScreeMart, Necessary_Club_6714 -1 $252.10
17 Ally Financial Inc ALLY jcurtis44 1 $21.47
24 Alteryx Inc AYX Kme2 30 $121.38
222 Altimmune Inc ALT Spes-Caritas 1 $27.38
117 Altria Group Inc MO ARGENT_UM_PUR, gm14202 1 $42.17
143 American Tower Corp AMT editviewgo 1 $257.61
175 American Water Works Company Inc AWK InfamousLegato 1 $149.79
183 Anglo Asian Mining LON:AAZ krenaldi1 1 $161.50
129 Aphria Inc APHA Aprhria, Bdghablig 1 $4.47
119 Apple Inc. AAPL tcldstnvdw -1 $444.45
184 Ares Capital Corporation ARCC ThemChecks 1 $14.87
54 ASML Holding NV ASML EthosPathosLegos, earthmoonsun 15 $366.07
113 Atlassian Corporation PLC TEAM shadowrckts 1 $170.93
224 Avalara Inc AVLR nomdeplume_alias 1 $122.71
244 Axon Enterprise Inc AAXN ansofteng 1 $83.88
150 Aytu Bioscience Inc AYTU Bkzkilla2, beefy-ambulance, subaruveganguy22 2 $1.38
236 Banco Bbva Argentina SA BBAR GAV17 1 $4.23
128 Bank of America Corp BAC oobydoobydoobydoo, wrs97 2 $26.11
247 BELLUS Health Inc BLU NhatNguyen2112 1 $2.74
29 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B BRK.B Jeroen_Jrn, Cuza 31 $209.48
45 Best Buy Co Inc BBY 1madeamistake 2 $102.90
35 Beyond Meat Inc BYND Kreisensalat, Flipside 8 $131.51
33 BlackBerry Ltd BB mh1t, EthosPathosLegos 25 $4.84
208 Blackline Inc BL veebeew 2 $79.26
196 Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation BAH i_smel_hookers 1 $84.67
75 Boston Beer Company Inc SAM Top_Island 2 $825.79
114 Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc BCLI BigSexyTolo 2 $12.79
92 Brookfield Asset Management Inc BAM duongroi, Avaronah 2 $32.32
187 Brookfield Property Partners LP Unit BPY Onarco 1 $11.75
140 Brookfield Renewable Partners LP BEP YourPineapplePunch 1 $45.25
227 Cameco Corp CCJ jh4962772, Commandobolt, 3STmotivation 13 $10.37
109 Canadian Solar Inc. CSIQ MrMineHeads, vvv561 6 $25.32
204 Cardlytics Inc CDLX whossayn, YarManYak 2 $66.28
146 CBS Corporation Common Stock VIAC 1987supertramp 1 $26.21
74 CD PROJEKT S A/ADR OTGLY Thtb 8 $28.50
229 CDW common stock CDW plorfu 1 $114.77
95 CEL-SCI Corporation CVM Golden_Pineapple 1 $12.19
242 Chegg Inc CHGG Boots2243 1 $86.98
36 Cloudflare Inc NET thereisnospoongeek, olliemacg, Boots2243 220 $40.06
246 Coty Inc COTY NhatNguyen2112 1 $4.00
209 Cresco Labs Inc CRLBF UncleSlippyFist 1 $6.28
3 Crispr Therapeutics AG CRSP emtvaikkajoku 98 $89.81
142 Crown Castle International Corp CCI jkgator 1 $168.19
16 CureVac Pending IPO Tangerinho 8 #N/A
223 CVS Health Corp CVS handsomeandsmart_ 2 $64.96
65 Cyberark Software Ltd CYBR Kevenam 2 $110.59
239 CytoDyn Inc CYDY dufmum 1 $4.79
165 Daqo New Energy Corp DQ stonk_daddy 1 $122.55
241 DexCom, Inc. DXCM InformalAid 1 $440.70
6 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc DRNA earthmoonsun 7 $21.03
73 Digital Turbine Inc APPS toop4 6 $22.59
130 Docusign Inc DOCU h3ku, Teach-101 0 $204.76
185 Draftkings Inc DKNG boomshalock 1 $34.09
39 Drive Shack Inc DS Bobjenkins97 2 $1.65
4 Editas Medicine Inc EDIT earthmoonsun 7 $34.71
145 Edwards Lifesciences Corp EW TheTubbyOlive 1 $76.94
139 EHang Holdings Ltd - ADR EH TheEUR0PEAN 1 $9.21
230 Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp SOLO IHaveUsernameBlock 1 $3.07
118 Elevate Credit Inc ELVT ScoreFuture 1 $2.58
218 Else Nutrition Holdings Inc BABYF PringlesAreUs 1 $1.36
85 Empire State Realty Trust Inc ESRT silverpaw1786 4 $6.66
21 Enphase Energy Inc ENPH deGoblin 31 $72.84
197 Equinix Inc EQIX gce1010 3 $791.70
86 Essent Group Ltd ESNT veggie-man 1 $35.82
235 Etsy Inc ETSY PeskyShart 1 $135.06
84 Fastly Inc FSLY AwesomeMathUse 3 $79.33
93 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMA figbuilding, onkel_axel 2 $2.12
168 Fire & Flower Holdings Corp TSE:FAF tobcar 1 $1.01
207 First Mining Gold Corp FFMGF RecCenterBall 0 $0.41
219 FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR zerokarma 1 $37.48
52 Fluor Corporation (NEW) FLR lost_searching 2 $11.38
90 FORUM MERGER II/SH CL A FMCI Mug_of_coffee 3 $14.53
81 Franco Nevada Corp FNV AwesomeMathUse 1 $153.57
155 FuelCell Energy Inc FCEL i-kno-nothing, dewaser 2 $2.68
98 Games Workshop Group PLC OTCMKTS:GMWKF MAUSECOP, Thenattylimit 2 $120.95
115 GameStop Corp. GME EmployerOfTheMonth 2 $4.16
200 Gan Ltd GAN emcdeezy22 2 $20.29
159 General Motors Company GM Buttershine_Beta -1 $26.72
251 Genius Brands International Inc GNUS due11 1 $1.59
156 GFL Environmental Inc GFL lenadunhamsbutthole 1 $21.56
99 Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD Leroy--Brown 1 $69.35
138 GLB X FUNDS/HEALTH & WELLNESS T BFIT Venhuizer 2 $20.69
186 Golden Minerals Co AUMN YEEEEEAAAAA 1 $0.44
151 Gran Colombia Gold Corp TSE:GCM Linnake 0 $7.46
67 Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (Btc) GBTC asherlevi 2 $13.06
234 Great Panther Mining Ltd GPL Tony0x01 1 $0.93
152 H&R Real Estate Investment Trust HR.UN CaptainCanuck93 0 $10.34
122 Helen of Troy Limited HELE aa341 1 $201.26
55 Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc HKMPF Marvins-Room 1 $31.08
20 Horizon Therapeutics PLC HZNP thesearchforanswer 3 $76.06
103 Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc HII howtoreadspaghetti 1 $167.90
9 IAC/Interactivecorp IAC dvdmovie1 36 $133.05
61 Ibio Inc IBIO PrairieDogger69 1 $3.80
101 Immunovia AB (publ) IMMNOV jennyther 3 $161.60
108 Ingles Markets, Incorporated IMKTA kimjungoon 1 $42.97
77 Inmode Ltd INMD meta-cognizant, craneman813 4 $31.77
123 Innovative Industrial Properties Inc IIPR Dalis_Ktm 1 $114.63
201 Inseego Corp INSG esoccer141414 1 $12.08
214 Inspire Medical Systems Inc INSP JPINFV2 1 $104.92
134 Intel Corporation INTC ionlypwn, TitanCrasher54, niknikniknikniknik1 5 $48.03
5 Intellia Therapeutics Inc NTLA earthmoonsun 7 $19.83
164 Intuitive Surgical, Inc. ISRG swalloforswallo 2 $685.85
71 InVitae Corp NVTA emtvaikkajoku, CrackHeadRodeo 6 $28.43
112 John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. JBSS chris011186 2 $89.24
171 JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM wrs97 1 $99.38
58 Jumia Technologies AG - ADR JMIA Jerund, souptrades, 7YearOldCodPlayer, CharlieBrown364, fortnitehead 7 $19.26
144 Kaleyra Inc KLR souptrades 1 $5.87
158 KEFI Minerals plc LON:KEFI Scipio-Africannabis- 1 $1.88
216 Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd KL Newusername 1 $52.58
238 Kroger Co KR bxkrish 1 $35.24
2 Lemonade Inc LMND br1ghtness, skkreet, hahadumblloyd 4 $66.84
15 Limelight Networks, Inc. LLNW cyberdex, thug_funnie 3 $6.10
63 Livongo Health Inc LVGO staniel_diverson, Raybay192, Drifter 1996, moveitover 22 $120.88
182 Logitech International SA LOGI CharlieBrown364 1 $73.03
217 LONZA GRP AG/ADR LZAGY Fuck512 1 $62.92
66 Lydall, Inc. LDL Henisockle 1 $20.89
191 Macerich Co MAC skvettlappen 1 $7.85
97 Magnachip Semiconductor Corp MX samtony234 1 $12.08
233 Mamamancini's Holdings Inc MMMB Jayesslee 1 $1.70
88 Match Group Inc MTCH BallinLikeImKobe24 1 $115.88
79 Maverix Metals Inc MMX AwesomeMathUse 1 $4.61
107 Maxar Technologies Inc MAXR Borne2Run 1 $24.74
221 Mediwound Ltd MDWD blueblade408 1 $3.91
34 Mercadolibre Inc MELI pontoumporcento 14 $1,193.97
161 Micron Technology, Inc. MU Wexoch 3 $48.75
253 Microsoft Corporation MSFT TBSchemer 34 $212.48
179 Millicom International Cellular SA(SWE) STO:TIGO-SDB joseph460 1 $245.50
116 Mills Music Trust Unit OTCMKTS:MMTRS ARGENT_UM_PUR 1 $39.00
10 Molson Coors Beverage Co Class B TAP howtoreadspaghetti 1 $37.27
170 Morgan Stanley MS wrs97 1 $50.35
127 Naspers Limited NPSNY Demandredz 1 $34.60
11 Nathan's Famous, Inc. NATH howtoreadspaghetti 1 $51.25
181 NCR Corporation NCR IAMBEOWULFF, fistymonkey1337 4 $20.11
211 NESTLE S A/S ADR NSRGY suburban_robot 1 $118.47
124 New Relic Inc NEWR Dalis_Ktm 1 $53.62
249 New York Mortgage Trust Inc NYMT ToKeepAndToHoldForev 1 $2.77
162 New York Times Co NYT jonhuang 1 $45.61
69 Nio Inc - ADR NIO makesalotofmoney, Carrera_GT, Charlie Brown364 3 $13.42
59 Nokia Oyj NOK perfectriot, LiabilityFree 52 $4.98
37 Novacyt SA ALNOV Snoopmatt 1 $3.60
254 Nuance Communications Inc. NUAN IwantmyMTZ 1 $29.48
13 NVIDIA Corporation NVDA TBSchemer, friedtea15 66 $447.98
198 NVR, Inc. NVR Linnake 1 $3,875.01
154 Okta Inc OKTA Bcr731 3 $208.23
160 Opko Health Inc. OPK CS1026 1 $5.63
100 ORSTED A/S/ADR DNNGY BrentfordFC21 2 $47.37
190 Otonomy Inc OTIC Unlucky-Prize 1 $3.56
46 Oxford BioMedica plc OXB arabidopsis 12 $850.00
121 Pacific Ethanol Inc PEIX adamtejot 1 $2.69
220 Pagerduty Inc PD throthrowth 2 $29.85
25 Pan African Resources plc PAF Fruity_Pineapple 2 $26.30
245 Paradox Interactive AB (publ) OTCMKTS:PRXXF I_worship_odin 1 $24.30
174 Patriot One Technologies Inc PTOTF DanReynolds 1 $0.73
148 Peabody Energy Corporation BTU aviatoraway1 0 $2.52
237 Peloton Interactive Inc PTON loosetingles 1 $68.30
188 Penn National Gaming, Inc PENN Calpool 1 $49.00
87 Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd NYSE:PSTH-UN 5_yr_lurker 7 $21.08
31 Pharmacyte Biotech Inc PMCB DillieTheSquid 0 $0.01
47 Pinterest Inc PINS EthanPhan 10 $34.98
149 Planet 13 Holdings Inc PLNHF MMatter1 3 $2.67
43 Plug Power Inc PLUG lukwas_ 4 $11.28
147 Polaris Infrastructure Inc RAMPF CaptainCanuck93 1 $11.50
120 Prologis Inc PLD ImPinkSnail 5 $105.07
250 PROSHARES TULTRA MSCI JAPAN EZJ Necessary_Club_6714 1 $32.13
132 PROSHARES TULTRAPRO QQQ TQQQ iggy555, Guiterrezjm6 5 $126.99
48 Proto Labs Inc PRLB JEesSs 3 $130.13
166 Purple Innovation Inc PRPL jloy88, CharlieBrown364, RemiMartin 6 $23.95
44 Raytheon Technologies Corp RTX anon2019L 21 $61.23
210 Razer Inc RAZFF ThatOneRedditBro 1 $0.22
32 Realty Income Corp O bushysmalls 5 $62.72
199 Redfin Corp RDFN shreddit47 8 $43.69
206 RENAULT S A/ADR RNLSY jw8700 1 $5.33
178 Retractable Technologies, Inc. RVP EmreCanPuns 1 $10.18
94 Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RIGL Gay_Demons 1 $2.58
203 Rite Aid Corporation RAD ManagerMilkshake 1 $15.05
12 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. RMCF howtoreadspaghetti 1 $3.20
163 Schrodinger Inc SDGR TipasaNuptials, asianmarysue, RattleGoreBitcoin 1 $71.17
72 Sea Ltd SE scatterblodded, tradeintel828384839, thug_funnie, Meymo 16 $129.00
215 ServiceNow Inc NOW cookingboy 1 $431.21
189 Shiloh Industries, Inc. SHLO brainbroked 1 $1.40
82 Shopify Inc SHOP AwesomeMathUse -1 $1,053.12
213 Sibanye Stillwater Ltd SBSW marqui4me 1 $11.39
231 Simulations Plus, Inc. SLP hellohi3 1 $65.83
173 SiTime Corp SITM drbh_ 1 $58.92
248 Six Flags Entertainment Corp SIX EthosPathosLegos 1 $18.38
202 Slack Technologies Inc WORK AntwanDixon_ 2 $28.95
51 SmileDirectClub Inc SDC meeni131 3 $9.05
49 Solaredge Technologies Inc SEDG m4r1vs 14 $211.47
27 Sony Corp SNE drorhac 13 $80.03
177 Sorrento Therapeutics Inc SRNE DowJonesLocker 1 $14.42
225 SPARTAN ENERGY /SH SPAQ bigsexy12 1 $12.36
40 Spirit Airlines Incorporated SAVE Matous_Palecek 0 $17.28
153 Spotify Technology SA SPOT _Hard4Jesus 0 $252.12
7 Square Inc SQ cuti95, ConstructivePlayer, Lfastrsx, jercky, CharlieBrown364 21 $147.22
1 StoneCo Ltd STNE GromGrommeta 73 $49.06
104 SunPower Corporation SPWR Hadouukken 1 $11.86
60 Sunrun Inc RUN FactualNeutronStar 2 $46.00
195 Switch Inc SWCH gce1010 1 $18.03
83 Taal Distributed Information Techs Inc TAAL AwesomeMathUse 1 $1.85
76 Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. TSM Paks_12345, sogladatwork, BlissfulThinkr 13 $80.03
102 Tandem Diabetes Care Inc TNDM liao24 1 $104.15
169 Target Corporation TGT Kosher-Bacon 1 $131.75
26 Tesla Inc TSLA Skurinator, goldcakes, redmars1234, Drortmeyer2017 3 $1,452.71
137 TJX Companies Inc TJX princess-smartypants 3 $55.45
18 Toronto-Dominion Bank TD robbierox123 0 $45.77
141 TPI Composites Inc TPIC polwas 1 $28.81
53 Trade Desk Inc TTD all_hail_hypno, Kay312010 6 $493.20
106 TransMedics Group Inc TMDX DropoutEngy 1 $18.05
131 TransUnion TRU AndyCircus 0 $87.38
78 Travelcenters of America Inc TA jk_tilt 1 $17.27
226 Trevena Inc TRVN pacosteles 1 $2.38
243 Trulieve Cannabis Corp TCNNF grphelps1, Cucumber_Cooling 2 $18.83
38 Tupperware Brands Corporation TUP Scumbaggedfriends 1 $14.98
68 Turtle Beach Corp HEAR chancsc11 1 $18.37
62 Twilio Inc TWLO MarconianRex 8 $249.00
41 Uber Technologies Inc Uber DukeBD2021 -1 $32.90
96 Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE URW eams66 2 $42.44
125 Universal Display Corporation OLED niknikniknikniknik1 1 $186.51
64 Valero Energy Corporation VLO chickenandcheesefart 1 $52.66
133 Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares VTSAX WackyBeachJustice 1 $82.67
135 Veeva Systems Inc VEEV JohnSpartans 3 $261.22
193 Ventas, Inc. VTR Unlucky-Prize 1 $41.52
57 VirnetX Holding Corporation VHC vyts18 2 $5.26
172 VMware, Inc. VMW kingbrow2020 1 $142.31
50 VolitionRX Ltd VNRX RiDDDiK1337 1 $3.35
91 Waitr Holdings Inc WTRH exstaticj 1 $5.15
14 Walker & Dunlop, Inc. WD TBSchemer 0 $57.70
167 Walmart Inc WMT anthonyjh21 6 $129.97
30 Walt Disney Co DIS jadenmc2189, biz_student 6 $129.93
192 WELL Health Technologies Corp TSE:WELL Unlucky-Prize, IcemanVish 2 $4.49
105 Wells Fargo & Co WFC yehdhbdjdjd 1 $25.07
240 Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp WAB warman506 1 $67.23
42 Wizz Air Holdings PLC WIZZ Matous_Palecek 2 $3,412.00
157 Workhorse Group Inc WKHS VisionsDB 5 $16.52
89 Xebec Adsorption Inc. XBC Mug_of_coffee 3 $4.95
232 Xpel Inc XPEL Bkazzle 1 $20.06
212 Yeti Holdings Inc YETI boomwhackers 1 $50.40
136 Zagg Inc ZAGG ni_shi_shei 2 $3.98
56 Zoetis Inc ZTS BearBearChooey 19 $158.88
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Sumo robot motor -37mm 12v 1000 rpm proton motor- F1depo.com I found Best Robot Actuator (GYEMS: RMD x8) - YouTube All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2019 Ep. 03 ... Best motor for drone, helicopter, car,spider robot - YouTube Robot Actuator (Brushless Motor Robotic Joint) - YouTube

Im Test schrammt der iRobot Roomba s9+ knapp an der Note "sehr gut" vorbei. Das ist besonders übel, da der Saugroboter enorm teuer ist. Grund für die "nur" gute Gesamtnote ist die Bodenabdeckung ... lll Mähroboter Vergleich 2020 ⭐ Die 11 besten Rasenroboter inklusive aller Vor- und Nachteile im Vergleich Jetzt direkt lesen! Die beste Qualität und neueste Technologie Der Winbot W950 arbeitet mit der Luftansaugtechnik, wodurch auch Fugen oder geriffeltes Glas befahren werden können. Zudem ist es möglich, dass der Fensterputzroboter Dachschrägen und Wintergärten säubert. Luftansaugtechnik; Geschwindigkeit: Schnell; Aufnahmefähigkeit Mikrofaserpad: Hoch; Für hartnäckigen Schmutz geeignet: Ja; Kann über ... lll Staubsauger-Roboter Vergleich 2020 auf STERN.de ⭐ Die besten 15 Saugroboter inklusive aller Vor- und Nachteile im Vergleich Jetzt lesen! lll Staubsauger-Roboter Vergleich 2020 auf BRIGITTE.de Die 13 besten Saugroboter mit sämtlichen Details & Features im Vergleich Jetzt informieren!

[index] [3150] [6746] [5379] [134] [6191] [4819] [5309] [5071] [3340] [6200]

Sumo robot motor -37mm 12v 1000 rpm proton motor- F1depo.com

In This Video we'll see most amazing and coolest ROBOTS. The family of robot animals from the German developer of robotics Festo is growing. The company pres... Drone motor 100rpm - 30 Rs Drone motor 300rpm - 50 Rs Vibrator 50- 100rpm - 25 Rs DC motor 100rpm- 20 Rs All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2019 Ep. 03 Male Version. All Best Humanoid Robots Till 2019 👇👇👇👇 -----... Hello Friends in this video im going to show you How to Make A Robot in 3 Awesome Ways. You will Need A Gear Motor To Make this robots. Gear Motor: http://bi... I am going to build a powerful Robotic Arm. This Robot Arm will have brushless motors as they provide higher power to weight ratio, compared to the stepper m...