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[Summon][DS3][PS4][SL231][+10] I help for any boss, miniboss, and clearing the area. Password is eter just tell me your place and i'm on my way.

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To end an eteral debate amongst my friends: Is lasagne a pasta and why wouldn't it be?

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I'm on my way to find eterity

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RIP my Hy-DROP-eter

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Someone just sent me a shiny poipole And I gave them an eterities my face is a thumb nail right now

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My new Tau Kill Team with S

Hello everyone! I am writing to share with you how I have set up the initial Tau set for my Kill Team 👏
Here the album complete:
I start with the Pathfinders: I have assembled 3 Fire Warriors without shoulder pads and bought the rifles and the Recon Drone on EBay. The right arm is magnetized to replace it with the induction rifle that will represent the ion rifle.
My XV25, purchased separately, I have configured one with two weapons to represent my heavyweight specialist and the leader with fusion as if it landed.
My Breacher Team is a small squad of 4 Shas’la plus its Shas’ui. I love these miniatures, and although they are not competitive, I want to play some game with them against the gallows with the Dogma Farsight for fun.
Below is my Strike Team that includes all three Pathfinders with another arm. From left to right: demolitions, communications, sniper, Cadre Fireblade and Shas’ui.
My XV8 team with magnets. From left to right: Shas’vre, XV8-02 and Shas’ui
Finally, my Etereal: I didn't like the arm with a collar, so I replaced them with FireWarrior arms and bought some binoculars on EBay to give it a less religious and more military touch
I am looking forward to winning battles for the ultimate good! I hope you like it!
PD: sorry for my English!! 😅
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This guy(left) is fifteen today. Eddie! Happy birthday my boy! I love you and—- I was, am, and always will be—-eter… - @joelmchale

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When another Friday passes and still no Eter... actually just an excuse to share my fav pic of our favorite rager :))

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omg p;eter that was such a rad blast peter but please dont do it in my room please my mom checks my rooms methane levels please peter dont dont please peter

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Stance mod question

Im new to Warframe and i just got the "precise fang" mod stance (colmillo preciso) wich is a dagger mod but when i try to equip on my eter daggers it doesnt appear anywhere.
Anyone know what could be?
PD: Eter daggers are at 30. They are the daggers n not the Double Eter (swords). The mod clearly says "daggers"
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I see a mama cat and her own kitten lounging at my complex. A few feet from them is a younger, different colored kitten that is just laying at the eterance of the drain pipe. Is it okay?

I see a striped mama cat, with her striped kitten that is running around playing. But what puzzles me is that there is a tiny black and white kitten that doesn't look old enough to walk yet, hanging out in the drain next to them, ignored by the adult?
Could it be she is watching the kitten for another mama? Why is this singleton kitten laying partially exposed just outside of the pipe? I could see it wiggling a little and its ears twitched. I didn't want to approach and scare the adult and her playful kitten away, leaving the defenseless one on its own, but I can't stop thinking about if it is okay? Should I be worried or leave it be? I don't think it is old enough to walk. I saw the older kitten trying to rough play with it and it broke my heart, I instinctually shouted, "hey" and the older kitten walked back to its mom. ):
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need 3 more.ETER MY CODE PLEASES! t14724869

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Project VCVR - VR Ready gaming PC in a VCR

Hello again everyone!
You may remember me a from a few months back when I posted Project Hades, the PC in a microwave. Well, I got the taste for putting PCs in random crap, so I am back with my second project of this type. I present to you the VCVR (Very Compact Virtual Reality), a VR capable gaming PC in a VCR.
If you don't care for my ramblings, heres a sexy turntable gyf, and yes its a lazy susan.
If you want to see the build process, here is an imgur album that more or less follows the process from start to finish.
And finally, a GPU addendum to explain the discrepancy between my part list and the build album.
Now for a bit of background, I owned an HTC Vive (now an Index) and loved using it, but my main problem was I hated dragging my desktop out of my room into the living room so I hardly used it. After getting the taste for putting PCs in random stuff with Project Hades I wanted to do another. Hades was a result of having extra parts and wanting a server PC, and the VCVR was an idea I had to put a gaming PC in the living room without people realizing its a gaming PC.
Alas, I didn't have spare parts like with Hades and I didn't want to go and buy a second PC capable of VR so it was put on the backburner. And then, I get a message from a friend of mine asking if I want his PC as he is moving and never uses it anymore anyway. Surely, the gods must be listening to me and granted me this gift (jk thanks Friend K).
So yea, a friend gave me his old PC and I harvested what I could from it (CPU, motherboard, ram, SSD), bought what I was missing and stuck it into my childhood DVD/VHS player (If you wanted it back, sorry mom). In the end I only spent about 350 on the whole ordeal, much less than I anticipated.
As for the GPU, I completely finished the whole build and played a few VR games and it worked perfectly. Then I figured "what the heck? I've got a living room gaming PC may as well do some couch gaming!". I fired up Tumble Dudes and boom. Crash to desktop. And again. And again. After some investigation, I found blown components on the GPU. I contacted EVGA in a hail mary attempt to see if they would honor my 3 year warranty a whole year out of it, and low and behold they DID IT. They sent me back an RTX 2060 to replace it. What an absolute beast of a company EVGA is, I tell ya.
On that note I'd like to give special thanks to the following for making this project possible.
Here is the part list;
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.4 GHz 8-Core Processor $0.00
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-L12S 55.44 CFM CPU Cooler Purchased For $49.90
Motherboard Asus PRIME X370-A ATX AM4 Motherboard Purchased For $0.00
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Purchased For $0.00
Storage Crucial MX100 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Purchased For $0.00
Storage Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive Purchased For $50.00
Video Card EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB SC ULTRA GAMING Video Card Purchased For $0.00
Power Supply Corsair SF 450 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply Purchased For $110.00
Custom E-SDS USB 3.0 4-Ports 3.5 inch Metal Front Panel USB Hub with 15 Pin SATA Power Connector [ 20 Pin Connector & 2ft Adapter Cable] Purchased For $20.99
Custom Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM A-Series Blades 60x25mm SSO2 Bearing Premium Fan Purchased For $14.95
Custom Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM A-Series Blades 60x25mm SSO2 Bearing Premium Fan Purchased For $14.95
Custom Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM A-Series Blades 60x25mm SSO2 Bearing Premium Fan Purchased For $14.95
Custom CY Super-speed USB 3.0 20pin Male to Female Extension Adapter Up Down Angled 90 Degree for Motherboard Mainboard For Asus Gigabyte Msi Onda Inte DELL HP Lenovo USB3 Motherboard (down angled) Purchased For $6.88
Custom CY ATX 8Pin Female to 8pin Male 180 Degree Angled Adapter for Desktops Graphics Card Purchased For $6.88
Custom Bingfu RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female Bulkhead Mount RG174 WiFi Antenna Extension Coaxial Cable 1m / 3 feet (2-Pack) for WiFi Router Security Camera Wireless Mini PCI Express PCIE Network Card Purchased For $8.99
Custom JVC HR-XVC29UJ DVD/VHS Combo Player Purchased
Custom Hillman 24-in x 36-in Aluminum Decorative Sheet Metal Purchased For $30.00
Custom 3D Printed Back Purchased
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $328.49
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-20 18:18 EDT-0400
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My friend etered an online composing/signing competition. What do you think? If you like it, rate on the site!

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On my last trip to the vet, she used the rmom eter on my dog. What are these rmoms, and why does it hurt dogs so much to have them eaten away?

Should I call an attorney?
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Sweden and COVID 19

Sweden and COVID 19
Hi all. I live in Sweden, Stockholm, the city with most death from COVID 19 in the country that is known to be very lax in it's attitude to it.
First stop, google "covid sweden statistics"
As google shows, we got an epicenter in my city, and a total death rate of 5790 people, with 85219 people being confirmed infected.
An anecdotal story about this. My former employer, about 60 years old told me he had Covid. Prior to that, he had called to our free health care system (about 20 dollars per visit, calls are free) and wanted to be tested. They told him he didn't need any test since he didn't feel sick. When he got sick, they told him he didn't need any test since he probably has it anyway. They didn't offer him any kind of service. But it was free.
After a few weeks of being sick, he was panicking and did the only thing that occurred to him after reading that soap and alcohol kills the membrane around the bacteria: he started to inhaling heavy alcohol vapors, and after a while, he felt a lot better in the lungs. He is well now.
Then we got this newspaper article:
Here is the google translate:
The gist of the article is that the old people only get to see the doctor through a phone meeting and prescribe to the old people that they should be given some calming medicine until they die. The name for that is " palliative care". Geriatric care is normal care given to old people.
Quoting from the google translate:
"They almost put to death the old people"
Neither Jan himself nor the relatives were told that the decision to end the care had been made over their heads. In addition, the doctor decides about it by phone to the nurse at a nursing home north of Stockholm, writes Dagens Nyheter.
Instead, the son Thomas Andersson was told on April 7, when he called the residence to ask that the father would get a drip with fluid and nutrition, that the father was close to death. Thomas was asked to say goodbye.
- Dad was completely gone from morphine. Not to provide basic supportive care for the elderly who are severely affected by corona, but instead morphine, it is clear that they die then. Personally, I think it is active euthanasia. Had it not been for us relatives, they would have taken the life of their father, says Thomas to DN.
- It was only when I contacted the media and those in charge that my father was instead put on a drip and received his usual medication, such as blood thinners, by injection. He recovered fairly immediately and today he is healthy, says his son Thomas Andersson.
- If you look at the proportion who have died from the very old people: Of those who were cared for in geriatric clinics for covid-19 infection, 70-80 percent have been discharged alive, either to the home or back to the nursing home. In nursing homes, palliative care has in principle only been prescribed, which means that you receive morphine, midazolam and haldol to prevent nausea and vomiting from the morphine. It is a treatment that almost 100 percent certainly leads to death. Giving both midazolam and morphine inhibits respiration. If you have difficulty breathing, you quickly get such a lack of oxygen that you die.
You called the treatment these seniors received euthanasia, rather than care?
- Yes, I could probably almost imagine using even stronger concepts. That it's almost like these people are being killed. It's basically one hundred percent way, much like the electric chair. It's about as effective.
But it is free. Considering that if you live in USA.
Alright, back to the google map. Lets change from "new cases" to "death". We get this diagram:
Yeah, 0 death or a few per day since basically mid Juli, DESPITE the above news. That isn't reflected in the little local news I have consumed, the newspaper pretends as if nothing has changed.
The nationally owned public transport still asks everybody to board from the middle of the buss, and no longer from the front of the buss where the driver would make sure everybody payed for the drive. So we have free buss rides in order to not risk the buss driver with being infected. But we do all sit in the same buss. In the middle of august.
The subway still urges people to not travel unless it's important. No trace of a hint from the media or government of the lowered risk of being infected. Maybe there are, but I have missed it in that case.
Lets go to the next data point. Let me introduce you to SCB:
We are going here:
With google translate:
In Sweden, we often use weeks to keep track of time. So week 5 is the fifth week of the year.
This article is about the total numbers of death. Generally speaking, Swedish people adore their government and have pride in obeying it. Being corrupt is heresy. That, combined with the government being control freaks and keeping public numbers on everything (including how much taxes everybody pays, yes, that's public here) results in numbers being generally trustworthy.
You can get the raw data in that same place, here:
Note the phone number and email of the person writing the article. Everything is very public and available here in Sweden.
Please be very respectful and polite if you decide to contact them. Swedes are always polite and easy to scare. Don't do that.
Here is from the Excel file:
Total number of death PER DAY in the ENTIRE Sweden from ALL sources from 1 March to 7th August. The sharp drop in the end is due to a lack of data.
The purple is for 2020, the green is the average of 2015-2019. As you can see, we had a higher than average mortality during April, and then LOWER THAN AVERAGE mortality from June onward.
How is that possible? Well, what happens if you start killing off old people during April? You have fewer that die in August. How many were killed that way? I don't have the numbers.
The red part is my edits.
The entire month of April had 2876 more killed than the average. 10369 instead of 7493.
There you go :)
EDIT: wrote "bacteria". Should be "virus" of course. " No trace of a hint from the media or government " should read " No trace of a hint from the media or government announcements in media"
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Hey there, I got stucked in the creation of this magic system.
Ok, so first, the gods in my story take power from a language created by them so that anything they say becomes true but the language requires an etereal "mouth" in order to pronounce it correctly but a lot of the words can still be pronounce by constantly morphing the mouth and other organs. This is a way of limiting their power every time they incarnate in the physical plane while still retaining power.
As you may guess, humans can´t morph any part of their body so in order to get around this issue they asked for the help of an eldritch being so it can bound the language to a human one using its power (so basically it just said "a̸̼͓͇̽̐k̵̢̫̓͑͝j̸̟͕̽͒͘͜h̸̝̪̫͊̓n̸͎͎͔͋͊f̴̫͇̙̿̿̔d̴̢̺͚̓͌̿e̴̼̠͓͌̓͆f̵͉͇͊̓͌͜¿̴̢̢͓̾͑̿}̸͎̻̙̓̽̕ will now be cat" and so on) but in this process many of the most powerful words got lost due to the lack of concepts in the human language.
My problem begins when I try to give it hard rules of what it can or can´t do. My first thought was to say that the amount of information given to the sentence would affect it´s precision and impact (something like more information = more power).
Some of the aplications tha I intend to use is to attached it to other magic systems, for exmple, in ATLAB they use the earth benders to open doors and there is no way of doing it without the earth bender so in order to get around this issue you could bound certain things to the act of bend like a circle. If the circle completes a full revolution then the written language on it will activate the bending using the same powers of the earth bender. If the bender dies then de circle will be useless but at least he can do other things while the circle uses his power.
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Issue with two characters pressing with a single keystroke (KBD75)

Hey, guys, I am wondering if any of you have had this issue. Whenever I press "p" on my KBD75, what shows up is "p[". This always happens the first time I press "p" in every word. So if I type "Peter Piper piped the pipes" what will come out is "P{eter P{iper p[iped the p[ipes". Same thing happens with the "-" key. Whenever I press it the first time I get "-=".
I've had this keyboard for a year now, and it started doing this today. Here's what I have tried so far:
- Took the keyboard apart and cleaned it completely. Reassembled.
- Re-flashed it using QMK.
- Tried it on a different computer (issue persists)
- Tried a different keyboard on this computer (issue doesn't happen with different keyboard)
So my question is: have any of you guys experienced something like this? Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?
I have yet to contact KBDFans directly, and that will be my next course of action, but in the meantime I wanted to get any ideas from you guys.
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STAT: Interesting Discussion on FDA Approval of Convalescent Plasma

AF not from one of our favorite people but an interesting discussion....

Straight talk on the FDA’s tumultuous weekend — and new questions about its independence
By ADAM FEUERSTEIN @adamfeuerstein and MATTHEW HERPER @matthewherper
AUGUST 24, 2020
📷FDA Commissioner Stephen HahnBILL CLARK/CQ ROLL CALL VIA AP
This weekend, the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency clearance to convalescent plasma, a treatment in which blood from patients who recovered from Covid-19 is used to treat those who had the disease. The decision is controversial, as are the circumstances around it. STAT senior writers Matthew Herper and Adam Feuerstein sat down together to gather their thoughts. Here is their conversation.
Matt Herper: So for those just back from a tour of Jupiter’s moons, last night the FDA granted emergency use authorization of convalescent plasma to treat patients with Covid-19. Trump characterized the decision as a major breakthrough. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, who joined him at a news conference to announce the decision, backed him up — but he also misspoke, claiming that giving plasma would help 35 out of 100 people treated.
Adam Feuerstein: Misspoke is being kind. Hahn grossly mischaracterized the benefit of convalescent plasma on Sunday night. I’ll just quote him here: “A 35% improvement in survival is a pretty substantial clinical benefit. What that means is — and if the data continue to pan out — 100 people who are sick with Covid-19, 35 would have been saved because of the administration of plasma.”
The data don’t show that!
Matt: That number should be at best 5 out of 100 people. To my eye, it’s more like 3 out of 100 people. And all that is from subgroups of an observational study, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.
Researchers didn’t compare patients who got plasma to a control group. They compared those who got the drug early to those who got it late, and between high levels of antibodies in the plasma and low ones. For the main subset in the study, which was led by the Mayo Clinic, mortality at seven days was 11% for those who got lots of antibodies, versus 14% for those who got few. That’s three out of 100 — again, with a grain of salt.
Adam: I’ll repeat here what I said on Twitter last night. I’ve spent 20 years listening to — and writing about — biotech CEOs making nonsensical, inflated claims about the benefit of their drugs. It was weird and disconcerting to hear the FDA commissioner do the same.
Hahn could have made a convincing case for granting an EUA to plasma without hyping the data. He’s an oncologist. He knows better.
Matt: That’s exactly it. There is an argument for emergency use — that patients were getting this, but access was spotty and we need to decrease paperwork. Even then, it would be controversial.
I’ve watched the FDA be the steward of high scientific standards in medicine for a long time. I still remember the nuance in the discussions around Vioxx. The agency gets things wrong sometimes. But it feels worse for it to be sloppy. And that’s without bringing politics into it.
Adam: I am sincerely worried about the FDA’s independence. Trump wanted convalescent plasma approved even though the supportive evidence was weak, and Hahn made it happen for him. That’s bad, particularly with the evaluation of Covid-19 vaccines looming right before the election.
Matt: Everyone is worried about that. Some really prominent researchers — Ezekiel Emanuel springs to mind — have said they are concerned the administration could try to rush a vaccine. As we were talking, Steven Nissen at the Cleveland Clinic called me to say he’s worried about exactly that. “The process is there because the process has a historical record of working in the public interest,” he said. It does.
Which is exactly what’s wrong with the FDA putting out a press release saying this approval is “Another Achievement in Administration’s Fight Against Pandemic.” Even worse, there’s that tweet from the president Saturday, saying that the FDA was slowing down clinical trials for Covid patients because the agency is part of the “deep state” and it wants to hurt his re-election chances. Axios has reported that Peter Navarro was yelling “deep state” at the FDA earlier this week.
That kind of talk is going to make people more skeptical of an eventual vaccine. And, assuming the FDA does its job on vaccine review, that’s exactly what we don’t want.
Adam: I spoke to some current and former FDA employees over the weekend. None would go on the record, of course, but they were demoralized and angry about Trump’s insinuation that they were working against the approval of medicines for Covid-19. They were also angry at Hahn for not stepping up to defend them and their work.
Did you notice the FDA staffer charged with reviewing the plasma data had his name redacted from the memo? That was unusual, to say the least.
Matt: I never remember seeing a reviewer’s name redacted before. I’d also add that I have never met an FDA employee who struck me as partisan. A few struck me as people who could never fit in any political party.
It’s definitely possible, with these giant studies that are being run and the number of people getting Covid-19, to develop a vaccine fast. But you need people to really trust the FDA, or many might not take the vaccine.
Adam: Being the FDA commissioner is a political job. But Hahn is also the leader of an essential government agency that employs 17,000 people. Standing up to Trump is not an easy thing to do, but at some point, Hahn has to tell his employees that he has their back, and that he believes in the scientific independence of the people who work under him.
FDA employees deserve to hear that. Americans need to hear it, if they’re going to trust the FDA decision making about medicines and vaccines to treat Covid-19.
Matt: There have been other times where commissioners have had to deal with political pressure and political issues. The controversies over the Plan B morning-after pill going over the counter spring to mind. But this feels different.
Also, let’s not lose sight of the fact that all of this comes from a big failure on the part of the government response: not conducting a convalescent plasma study that can get us a real answer.
We wrote a very optimistic story about convalescent plasma together at the beginning of the pandemic. Would you have believed me then if I’d said we still would not have clear data here?
Adam: As you’ve pointed out numerous times, there have been many missed opportunities to conduct studies that could have yielded answers about Covid-19 treatments. It’s been a serial problem.
Matt: To me, it’s the problem. We should have answers by now on multiple medicines. The best data has come from the U.K. It means we’re at the mercy of this virus.
Adam: Are you worried about the next few months, specifically about how the FDA handles the review of Covid-19 vaccines?
Matt: A lot is at stake. Some reasons for confidence: No company wants to launch a problematic vaccine. The FDA review division is strong. An EUA could be very narrow — give it to nursing home workers, for instance — and still be used as a political win. And, as I said, these studies should give us a lot of safety data. But even if the scientists do everything right, the public health messaging matters, too. And this weekend gave us reason to worry about all of it.
Adam: This country has a serious problem with vaccine hesitancy. Even the whiff of politics into the FDA review process for Covid-19 vaccines could be disastrous.
Matt: This is a conversation about the FDA, so we’re required by law to include a quote from Scott Gottlieb on Twitter.
“I am confident in the science part of the evaluation executed by CBER [Ed: Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at FDA]. The way the public part was handled will erode precious public confidence. You earn public confidence in small drops and you lose it in buckets.”
That’s the nicest thing anyone can say right now.
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Can someone help?

I have this game on my ps4 but i dont know wut to do i keep e etering the game exploring a bit not finding anything Then i get bored and close the game
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Can't get into BIOS no metter what

So here is the deal, I got a new ssd, and I made bootable USB drive with windows media creation tool, plugged it all in, plugged out the hdd to install clean windows on my new ssd as tutorials stated. The installation went smooth and everything, but when I plugged my hdd back in, now my PC is booting from hdd, I know how it works, in the BIOS I need to change SSD to be a primary boot drive. the problem is I cannot eter BIOS, I tried spamming every F key multiple time over, and my delete key, I pressed it like a lunatic, so I'm sure it's not the lack of my speed. Also I wanted to try true Update and Security and then enter advanced setting and launch uefi firmware, but my system is Legacy and it does not support UEFI so I don't even have that option in troubleshooting. I also replaced CMOS battery with a new one, and tried pulling it out and holding power button to discharge it and reset BIOS as that's what I found as a possible solution, but after all that any of the F keys still don't react at all.
Sorry for the long text but I am desperate cuz I tried everything that I found
My motherboard is Asrock N68-GS4 FX R2.0.
Thanks in advance to anybody who has a suggestion.
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Christ: The Friend of Unrepentant Sinners (What if I Don't Want to Repent?) - By: Watchman Nee

1. Lead­ing the Indi­vid­ual Soul to Christ
How do peo­ple press into the King­dom? We have con­sid­ered at some length how a preach­er of the Gospel needs to be per­son­al­ly pre­pared in spir­it for the task. But what of the hear­ers? What is the min­i­mum require­ment in the sin­ner if he or she is to find the Lord and be saved? This ques­tion now claims our atten­tion, for it is as impor­tant for us to know what we are attempt­ing to do as it is for us to be prepared in spir­it to do it.
In the dis­cus­sion which fol­lows we can only deal with a sin­gle point in the preach­ing of the Gospel. I take it for grant­ed that you know the facts of redemp­tion through the aton­ing death of Christ, and that you are also born of the Spir­it. I assume also that you know how to present those facts clear­ly and with pow­er. I am con­cerned here not with the sub­stance of your preach­ing, but rather with the prin­ci­ples that should guide in the actu­al task of lead­ing the indi­vid­ual soul to Christ.
What is nec­es­sary for a per­son to be saved? How can a per­son be pre­vailed upon to come to the door of the King­dom and enter? How do we bring peo­ple who have only the absolute minimum of knowl­edge or desire for God into a liv­ing touch with Him? These are our ques­tions, and I am going to lay down four guiding prin­ci­ples that will, I hope, be found to go a long way towards answer­ing them.
2. A Three­fold Pro­vi­sion, and One Con­di­tion Demanded
God has made, from His side, a three­fold pro­vi­sion for every per­son in that person’s hour of cri­sis: First­ly, Jesus has come as the Friend of sin­ners; sec­ond­ly, it is He per­son­al­ly (and no inter­me­di­ary) whom we are called to meet; and third­ly, the Holy Spir­it has been poured out on all flesh, to bring to pass in us the ini­tial work of con­vic­tion of sin, repen­tance, and faith, and, of course, all that fol­lows. Then, final­ly, from the side of the sin­ner, one con­di­tion and one only is demand­ed. We are not required—in the first place—to believe, or to repent, or to be con­scious of sin, or even to know that Christ died. We are required only to approach the Lord with an hon­est heart.
This last state­ment may at first star­tle you, but as we go on, I think you will see how help­ful it is. We will, how­ev­er, take these points in order, begin­ning from the side of God’s provision.
3. The Friend of Sinners
In the Gospels the Lord Jesus is pre­sent­ed as the Friend of sin­ners, for his­tor­i­cal­ly He was found, first of all, mov­ing among the peo­ple as their Friend before He became their Sav­ior. But do you real­ize that today He is still in the first place our Friend, in order that He may become our Sav­ior? It is clear from the New Tes­ta­ment that the Lord Jesus came as a Friend, in order to help sin­ners to come to Him. Our com­ing to Him was made pos­si­ble by His first com­ing to us. At the hour of cri­sis there are many prac­ti­cal dif­fi­cul­ties that face the sin­ner. For exam­ple, in the Scrip­tures we are often told to believe. The Word lays stress on the neces­si­ty of faith. But you say, ​“I have not got faith.” A girl once said to me, ​“I can’t believe. I would like to believe but I can’t! It is no use; I haven’t got it in me. The desire is there, but I find faith lack­ing. It is impos­si­ble to believe.” ​“That is all right,” I said, ​“You can’t believe. But you can ask the Lord to give you faith. He is pre­pared to help you to that extent. You pray: ​‘Lord, help Thou my unbelief.’”
4. What the Sav­ior Is at Hand to Do
Or again, the Word tells us that we are to repent. What if we have no desire whatever to repent? I met a stu­dent once who said it was too ear­ly for him to come to the Lord. He want­ed more time in which to taste the plea­sures of sin and to enjoy him­self. He said to me, ​“The thief on the cross was saved, but he had his fling, and it was high time that he repent­ed. But I — I am young.” ​“Well, what do you want to do?” I asked him. He replied, ​“I want to wait anoth­er forty years and have a good time, and then I will repent.”
So I said, ​“Let us pray.” ​“Oh, I can’t pray,” he answered. ​“Yes, you can,” I said. ​“You can tell the Lord all you have told me. He is the Friend of unre­pen­tant sin­ners like you.” ​“Oh, I couldn’t say that to Him.” ​“Why not? What­ev­er is in your heart, you tell it to Him. He will help you.” Final­ly he prayed, and told the Lord that he did not want to repent and be saved, but that he knew he need­ed a Sav­ior; and he just cried to Him for help. The Lord worked repen­tance in him and he got up a saved man.
I repeat these inci­dents just to empha­size that what the sin­ner can­not do the Sav­ior is at hand to do for him. It is for this rea­son that we can tell peo­ple that they need not wait for any­thing, but can come to Him imme­di­ate­ly. What­ev­er their state, what­ev­er their prob­lem, let them bring it and tell it to the Friend of Sinners.
5. Meet­ing Christ
What is sal­va­tion? Many think that to be saved we must first believe that the Lord Jesus died for us, but it is a strange fact that nowhere in the New Tes­ta­ment does it say pre­cise­ly that. We are told to believe in Jesus, or to believe on Him; not to believe that He died for us. ​“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,” were Paul’s words. We are to believe first of all in Him; not specif­i­cal­ly in what He has done.
I do believe in the neces­si­ty of His atone­ment. I trust you will not mis­un­der­stand me there­fore when I say that the appreci­a­tion of that work may not be the first step in the sinner’s ini­tial con­tact with the Lord. That appre­ci­a­tion must fol­low, but the main ques­tion is whether or not we have the Son, and not, first of all, whether or not we under­stand the whole plan of sal­va­tion. The first con­di­tion of sal­va­tion is not knowl­edge, but meet­ing Christ.
I have come to see that all that is need­ed for the ini­tial step is that there should be a per­son­al touch with God, and when that is so the rest will sure­ly fol­low. It does not matter, there­fore, which vers­es God elects to use for that first step. After all, we do not need to study the the­o­ry of elec­tric­i­ty and to under­stand it thor­ough­ly before we can turn on the elec­tric light. The light does not say, ​“I am not going to shine for you, for you know noth­ing of the prin­ci­ple on which I work.” And God does not set under­stand­ing as the condi­tion of our approach to Him. ​“This is life eter­nal, that they should know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”
6. It Only Requires a Touch
Let us take three exam­ples from the Gospels. First, the thief on the cross. When he asked the Lord to remem­ber him when Jesus came into His king­dom, Jesus did not remind him of his evil life, nor did He explain the plan of redemp­tion — no, the Lord had only one answer: ​“Today you shall be with me in paradise.” The thief rec­og­nized who Jesus was, and he believed in the Lord, and that was enough.
Con­sid­er the woman who was bleed­ing and was try­ing to touch Jesus. There were many press­ing in on Him, but only one was healed. She was healed because with a spe­cial inten­tion she ​“touched” Him. And it only required a touch; for in her it rep­re­sent­ed a reach­ing out in spir­it to God for help in her deep need.
Or recall the inci­dent of the Phar­isee and the pub­li­can at prayer in the tem­ple. The Phar­isee under­stood all about offerings and sac­ri­fices and tithes, but there was from him no cry of the heart to God. But the pub­li­can cried out, ​“Lord have mer­cy upon me!” Some­thing went out from him to God which met with an imme­di­ate response, and the Lord Jesus sin­gles him out as the one whom God reck­oned as right­eous. For what is it to be reck­oned right­eous? It is to touch God. That is why our first object must be to lead peo­ple to meet Him.
7. A Cry from the Heart
We have said that a cry to God from the heart is suf­fi­cient. Because the Holy Spir­it has been poured out upon all mankind, a cry is enough. I always believe that the Holy Spir­it is upon a per­son when I preach to that per­son. I do not mean that the Spir­it is with­in the hearts of unbe­liev­ers, but that He is out­side. What is He doing? He is wait­ing, wait­ing to bring Christ into their hearts. He is like the light. Open the window-shut­ters even a lit­tle, and it will flood in and illumi­nate the inte­ri­or. Let there be a cry from the heart to God, and at that moment the Spir­it will enter and begin His trans­form­ing work of con­vic­tion and repen­tance and faith.
Per­haps the biggest con­di­tion of suc­cess in bring­ing peo­ple to Christ is to remem­ber that the same Holy Spir­it, who came to our help in the hour of dark­ness, is at hand wait­ing to enter and illu­mine their hearts also, and to make good the work of sal­va­tion to which, in cry­ing to God, they have opened the door.
8. Not a Ques­tion of Points
We come now to the sin­gle require­ment demand­ed from us. Quite often peo­ple preach the Gospel to a per­son by using a num­ber of ​“points,” only to find that the next day the per­son will say, ​“I have for­got­ten the third point. What was it?” Salvation is not a ques­tion of points! Sal­va­tion is not even a ques­tion of under­stand­ing or of will. It is, as we have seen, a ques­tion of meet­ing God — of peo­ple com­ing into first-hand con­tact with Christ the Sav­ior. So what, you ask me, is the minimum require­ment in a per­son to make that con­tact possible?
The basic con­di­tion of a sinner’s sal­va­tion is not belief or repen­tance, but just hon­esty of heart towards God. God requires noth­ing of us except that we come in that atti­tude. For it is a fact of the Gospel, mak­ing pos­si­ble the ini­tial touch with Jesus Christ, that saves the sin­ner, and not the sinner’s under­stand­ing of it.

| Excerpts tak­en from Devo­tion­al Clas­sics: Select­ed Read­ings for Indi­vid­u­als and Groups (Richard J. Fos­ter & James Bryan Smith, Edi­tors. Harper­Collins, 1993.). Orig­i­nal­ly from What Shall This Man Do?, by Watch­man Née. Copy­right © 1961 by Angus I. Kin­n­ear. Amer­i­can edi­tion pub­lished in 1978 by Tyn­dale House Pub­lish­ers, Inc. Used by permission.
Originally published April 1990
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